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In an effort to help our research findings and environmental and energy expertise reach a broader audience, we encourage our faculty and staff to write op-eds and otherwise make themselves available to the press.

Center faculty and staff also write for Legal Planet, a joint blog with UCLA School of Law providing insights and analysis on energy and environmental law and policy.


Recent quotes & op-eds

Good News on the Electric Vehicle Front
(10/29/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Colorado

Cities On Edge As High Court Weighs Kids’ Climate Suit
(10/26/18) Dan Farber quoted by Law 360

Courts: Kid’s Climate Trial Might be Dead. Here’s What it Means
(10/24/18) Holly Doremus quoted by Climatewire

Global Warming is Occurring at a Faster Pace than Scientists Thought: UN Panel
Ethan Elkind quoted by KTVU

Sequenced Climate Policies May Have Political Gain
(10/8/18) Eric Biber quoted by Colorado

Mitigation Banks: How Benefits from Upcoming CEQA Change Could Be Captured, Shared, Amplified
Ethan Elkind quoted by Streetsblog California

California Says ‘Nope’ to the EPA’s Car Emission Rules
(10/4/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Wired

So WOTUS is Legal. Now What?
(9/26/18) Holly Doremus quoted by Sierra

Insurance needs reform in California’s changing climate
(9/24/18) Ted Lamm quoted by San Francisco Chronicle

Phasing Out the Internal Combustion Engine No Easy Task
(9/18/18) Ethan Elkind and Ted Lamm quoted by Planetizen

City Visions: Course Correcting Climate Change, Part 2
(9/17/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by KALW

Investors can get California to 100 percent clean energy

Gray wolf faces new challenge: National Academies of Sciences review
(9/14/18) Holly Doremus quoted by Cronkite News

Trump Says the East Coast Is ‘Absolutely Prepared’ for Hurricane Florence. Is That True?
(9/13/18) Daniel Farber quoted by Pacific Standard

Court upholds state bans on harmful mining on waters in federal lands
(9/12/18) Eric Biber quoted by San Francisco Chronicle

UC Berkeley economists show that environmental regulations play primary role in pollution decrease
(8/14/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Daily Cal

LA Streetcar Project Funding Approved by City Council
(8/14/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by KNX Radio LA

Cities demand Trump administration act on Tijuana River pollution that fouls San Diego County beaches
(8/13/18) Holly Doremus quoted by LA Times

One Planet: The impacts of Trump’s plan to roll back fuel efficiency standards
(8/12/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by KALW

If It’s Not CEQA, What Is It?
(8/8/18) Eric Biber quoted by Fox & Hounds

Proposed Car Efficiency Rollback Will Not Halt Electric Vehicles
(8/2/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Scientific American

Groundwater recharge project informs statewide sustainability efforts
(7/31/18) Mike Kiparsky quoted by

Green Upgrade: How California Is Pioneering ‘Energy Justice’
(7/30/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Yale Environment 360

Changing the Endangered Species Act could actually help conservation
(7/25/18) Holly Doremus quoted by The Washington Post

Should housing developers be allowed to pay their way out of climate pollution?
(7/22/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by The San Diego Union-Tribune

Emails Raise Questions About Energy Negotiations
(7/18/18) Dan Farber quoted by Techwire

California GOP looks for inroads by taking down a gas tax
(7/16/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by The Christian Science Monitor

Why California Needs a Plan to Protect Its Wetlands
(7/6/18) Holly Doremus quoted by News Deeply

Is California’s legacy environmental law protecting the state’s beauty or blocking affordable housing?
(7/5/18) Eric Biber quoted by CALmatters

Progress on environment could slow on Supreme Court without Kennedy
(6/29/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by San Francisco Chronicle

Elon Musk’s loop vision for LA has to survive the neighbors
(6/21/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by New Haven Register

Elon Musk’s Tunnel Vision for Los Angeles
(6/21/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Bloomberg

LA Is Doing Water Better Than Your City. Yes, That LA
(6/12/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Wired

Koreatown borders, Santa Monica’s dockless device regs, the new Hotel Figueroa
(6/12/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by 89.3KPCC

Dozens of Water Systems Consolidate in California’s Farming Heartland
(6/11/18) Nell Green Nylen quoted by News Deeply

7 Things to Know about California’s New Solar Panel Policy
(5/31/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Cal Alumni Association

Efforts to build housing around transit threaten to price out those most dependent on bus and rail
(5/27/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by The San Diego Union-Tribune

Metro directors pick two options for new rail line through Downtown LA
(5/25/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Curbed Los Angeles

Is ditching fossil fuels entirely a reasonable goal?
(5/24/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by The Christian Science Monitor

California Should Fight Inequality to Fight Climate Change
Ethan Elkind quoted by Earther Gizmodo

California To Require All New Homes To Have Solar Panels Starting In 2020
(5/17/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by National Public Radio

What Big California Housing Bills Remain After SB 827’s Defeat?
(5/16/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Streetsblog California

Where is San Diego’s gas tax money going?
(5/13/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by The San Diego Union-Tribune

California Now Requires Solar Panels on Most New Homes
(5/11/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Smithsonian

The Vermont Avenue busway plan
(5/10/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by UCLA Newsroom

California will require solar panels on all new homes. What that means to you
(5/9/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by 89.3KPCC

California becomes first U.S. state to require solar panels on new homes
(5/9/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Reuters

Opinion: State law recognizes rivers and groundwater are connected – now what?
(5/9/18) Mike Kiparsky quoted by The Mercury News

$650 million vote set on Delta tunnels project: Are taxpayers protected?
(5/8/18) Holly Doremus quoted by The Mercury News

Novel Effort to Aid Groundwater on California’s Central Coast Could Help Other Depleted Basins
(5/4/18) Mike Kiparsky quoted by Water Education Foundation

Professor Delivers a Telling State-by-State Report about Renewables in America
(5/3/18) Dan Farber quoted by Transcript Magazine

California leads 17 states suing EPA to protect car emission standards
(5/1/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by KTVU

To Manage California’s Groundwater, Think More About Surface Water
(5/1/18) Mike Kiparsky quoted by News Deeply

Supervisor candidates wade into groundwater policies
(4/30/18) Nell Green Nylen quoted by Daily Republic

The Fighting Has Begun Over Who Owns Land Drowned by Climate Change
(4/25/18) Holly Doremus quoted by Bloomberg

In the Fate of the Delta Smelt, Warnings of Conservation Gone Wrong
(4/23/18) Holly Doremus quoted by UnDark

Plan to build housing — and cut CO2 — fails in Legislature
(4/19/19) Ethan Elkind quoted by EE News

Why did California’s major housing bill fail so quickly?
(4/18/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Mercury News

Here are 5 climate leaders to watch
(4/18/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by EE News

A Green House Divided
(4/17/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Modern Luxury SF Magazine

Who caused the Bay Area’s housing shortage?
(4/8/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Mercury News

Report from CARB Symposium: Legislators Should Approve Twin 33-Foot Trailers
Ted Lamm and Ethan Elkind quoted by Americans for Modern Transportation

Berkeley councilman wants to create 6,000 new beds for students
(3/26/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by KTVU

Chevron Will Stick to IPCC Findings in Landmark Climate Change Trial
(3/21/18) Dan Farber quoted by Scientific American

Climate science gets its day in court in California
(3/21/18) Ted Lamm quoted by Think Progress

Big oil faces big test in climate-change court showdown with SF, Oakland
(3/19/18) Ted Lamm quoted by SF Gate

A Bold, Divisive Plan to Wean Californians from Cars
(3/16/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by The New York Times

Why Regulation Is a Tricky Business in the Sharing Economy
(3/16/18) Eric Biber quoted by Wharton @ UPenn

Saudi Prince May Have Trouble Finding U.S. Investors After Anti-Corruption Campaign
(3/16/18) Patrick Heller quoted by NPR

Could the Feds Bigfoot California Over Water?
(3/13/18) Holly Doremus quoted by Cal Alumni Association

Please Stop Building Houses Exactly Where Wildfires Start
(3/13/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by Wired

The last time Congress created a new state
(3/12/18) Eric Biber quoted by The Constitution Center

California gears up for a battle over single-family zoning near transit
(3/3/18) Ethan Elkind quoted by The Mercury News