Climate Change Law in the Asia Pacific

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The complicated landscape of post-Paris global climate change politics highlights the significance of stable local climate change response schemes. A diversity of initiatives has been launched by the state, sub-state, and non-state actors in the climate and energy transition arena and now is undergoing a continuous evolution.

In September 2019, CLEE held an international conference, Climate Change Law in the Asia Pacific, which sought to explore the hard questions of climate change law in the Asia Pacific region. Based on topics covered at the conference, CLEE has published a series of working papers. The papers examine the efficacy of various legal institutions implementing climate change response initiatives. 

Gina Choi, Adapting Liability Rules to Cope with Climate-Change-Induced Disasters: The Case of the Wildfires and the Liability of Public Utility

Chun-Yuan Lin, Disaster Risk Management System and the Role of Insurance in the Climate Change Era—the Perspective of Taiwan 

Tsung-Sheng Liao, Linking Climate Change and International Human Rights: What Actions Can Taiwanese People Take? 

Yuichiro Tsuji, Nuclear Power Plants and Terror Attacks in Japan

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