Flash Conference on Lockdown Inequalities

Lockdown Inequalities Flash Conference

July 2020

Wednesday July 1, 6PM PDT
Thursday July 2, 4AM EAT/EEST
Thursday July 2, 11AM AEST


This flash conference explores the vulnerabilities of people experiencing lockdown inequalities:

  • People experiencing domestic violence in lockdown
  • Migrant workers
  • Incarcerated people
  • People with disabilities in institutions


What are governments around the world doing to address or exacerbate these inequalities?


  • Portrait of Adrianna Dinolfo

    Adrianna Dinolfo

  • Portrait of Claire Spivakovsky

    Claire Spivakovsky

  • Portrait of Furaha-Joy Sekai Saungweme

    Furaha-Joy Sekai Saungweme

  • Portrait of Linda Steele

    Linda Steele

  • Portrait of Susan Sturm

    Susan Sturm

Recording for our Flash Conference will be posted soon