Buying postage


We don’t use BearBuy to purchase postage stamps because we can obtain these items directly from  UC Berkeley Mail Services, our designated U.S. Post Office for UC Berkeley. 

Use postage barcodes

Barcode labels and facing sheets replace postage stamps on your outgoing U.S. Mail, allowing costs to be charged directly to your chartstring. Order barcode labels and facing sheets on the Mail Services website at no charge by selecting Order Form Application. Click on the SERVICES tab on the Mail Services menu bar for more information. Barcodes may also be preprinted on envelopes (UCSF Documents and Media). 

Buy postage stamps with a chartstring

You can order postage stamps via the Mail Services website and use your chartstring to pay for your purchase.  Various denominations in a limited number of design styles are available.  Mail Services can order a particular design on your behalf for a $35 handling fee.  Generally, you may purchase up to $70 in postage per month from Mail Services.  Your postage stamp order will be delivered to you in about 1 or 2 business days.  You may also pick up your purchase in person at UC Berkeley’s mail-handling facility at 2000 Carleton Street (at Shattuck) in downtown Berkeley.  Call Mail Services at 3-6245 to arrange a pick-up. 

Buy postage stamps with personal funds

Since Mail Services is our designated Post Office, you will need the prior written approval of Mail Services to purchase stamps from another source. Without this pre-approval, your purchase is eligible for reimbursement only at the discretion of the Mail Services manager. Requests for reimbursement of postage expenses sent to the Disbursements Office without this approval are typically returned to Berkeley Law Business Services with a cover note reminding us to submit the request to Mail Services first.

Still Need Help?

Call Mail Services at 643-MAIL, or send an email to