What are surveys?

A survey is a list of questions (or polls) that can be submitted for answering all at once. Unlike regular polls, surveys can remain active indefinitely so students can participate in their own time.

How to create surveys?

It’s really easy to create and share surveys using Poll Everywhere. Just select Survey [1] when creating a new poll, add a survey title [2], and add all your questions and their answer types [3, 4, 5]. Click Create survey [6] once you’ve added all your questions.

Locate the new survey in your polls, and click Share to copy and share the link to the survey with your students.


Click here for more information about how to create surveys.

Why use surveys?

Here are some of the ways Poll Everywhere’s surveys are being used at Boalt:

  • Open surveys: Create an open survey that students can use to anonymously let you know you’re going too fast/slow or to communicate any other issues they may be having with your lessons. The survey link can be added to your bCourses site so it’s available to students at any time.
  • Midterm evaluations: Create and share an anonymous mid-term evaluation survey with your students.

What’s Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere is Berkeley Law’s new in-class polling system which replaced the old clickers system starting January 2016. To learn more about it, check our in-class polling page.

Poll Everywhere Training

Schedule a training with a member of our team to learn more about our new polling system Poll Everywhere. Trainings can be done in person, over the phone, or online using our video conferencing tools.