Telephone-based Conference Calling Options

In office telephone Conference Call Feature

You will be charged as if you were making 2 separate phone calls.

  • To add a third party to a call on a PBX Analog line (Cortelco, Panasonic or similar phone)
    1. With a call in progress, press the Flash/Conf/Transfer button.
    2. Dial the number of the party you wish to add.
    3. Press the Flash/Conf/Transfer button.  (If there is no answer or the line is busy, press the Flash/Conf/Transfer button twice to return to original party.)
    4. To drop the last party added: Press the Flash/Conf/Transfer button.


  • To add a third party to a call on a PBX Digital Line (Avaya phones).
    1. With a call in progress, press the CONFERENCE button.
    2. Dial the number.
    3. When party answers, press the CONFERENCE button.
    4. To drop the last party: Press the appropriate call appearance button then Press the DROP button.

Host a personal audio conference

To host an on demand telephone conference call with multiple attendants a Zoom Pro Account is required.  The cost for a Zoom Pro account is $2.85/mo plus phone usage. To request a Zoom Pro Account please email and provide the the following information.    It is advised to submit your request at least 5 business days prior to your meeting to ensure your Zoom Pro account is created in time.

  • Your Name
  • Email address associated with your Calnet ID
  • Chartstring with authorization.