Account Polls

What are Account Polls?

With Account Polls participant instructors gain visibility over each other’s polls so they can get ideas and inspiration to better take advantage of our polling system. Instructors can easily copy polls to their own accounts with a single click so that they can use those polls on their classes.

Some of our instructors like LRW and Civil Procedure professors are already using Account Polls to improve their experience with Poll Everywhere.

By default, polls created by all of our users are private. Account Polls is an optional feature that won’t be activated without specific consent of the users participating in each group.

How can I use Account Polls?

Check the image below to understand how Account Polls work:


What’s Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere is Berkeley Law’s new in-class polling system which replaced the old clickers system starting January 2016. To learn more about it, check our in-class polling page.

Poll Everywhere Training

Schedule a training with a member of our team to learn more about our new polling system Poll Everywhere. Trainings can be done in person, over the phone, or online using our video conferencing tools.