Send big files to iPad

When dealing with big files (25MB and more), sending them to our iPads via email will not work. We’re providing some instructions to simplify the process of sending those files to our iPads using a cloud-based storage system like bDrive, Box or Dropbox without the need to log in and remember to log out from those Apps.

If you’re not yet using any of those cloud services, check this page for some help deciding which one better meets your needs. You can also contact us so we can recommend the appropriate solution for your use case.

This is the basic idea on how to send your big presentation file to our iPads:

Illustration showing how to send your big presentation file to our iPads. Before your class: Upload your presentation, Share it, Send link to iPad. In the classroom: Retrieve & preview, Open in PowerPoint.

Check out the following videos to learn how the specifics look for each one of those storage services:


Using bDrive

bDrive is integrated with all accounts. You can log into your bDrive account using your CalNet ID from Follow the instructions on the following video to send big files to our Classroom iPads using bDrive:

Other storage solutions

If you would rather use iCloud Drive or Office 365 please contact us so we can work with you to make it as easy as possible.