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With Zoom, all parties can easily connect to the same video meeting using their platform of choice (computers, mobile devices, or regular phones).

As of March 2020, Zoom Licensed/Pro accounts (without add-ons) are now available for faculty, staff, and registered students due to instructional resilience coverage, free of direct charge. Licensed/Pro accounts allow unlimited meeting length and you can have up to 300 participants in the meeting.

Create/Manage a Zoom Meeting

This page will help you learn how to create/manage a Zoom meeting room and share the meeting information with students. There is also a recording feature within Zoom that can be used for any students who were not able to connect.  Please follow all the instructions in the “Getting Started Guide for Hosts” below. 


Getting Started Guide

for Hosts

for Participants

Zoom for audio-only conferences

Login to your Zoom account and find your conference details under Personal Audio Conference [1].

The only information you need to share with participants to your meetings are local dial-in numbers [2] for the country they’re in and your Conference ID [3] for the account you want to use (each Zoom account has 2 Personal Audio conference accounts for added flexibility). If you need to find out other international dial-in numbers, click on Edit [4] to display them.

In order to start the meeting, you’ll also need your Host Key [5] (which you shouldn’t share that with other participants to your meetings).

Find more about Personal Audio conference.

Frequently Asked Questions

User accounts should log in here: berkeley.zoom.us to schedule and manage their meetings.

Departmental accounts should log in here: zoom.us/signin (if you don’t have a password yet, use the Forgot Password link to create one).

Regular participants don’t need to log in or have a Zoom account, they just need to use the link or meeting information provided by the host.

Yes, all participants do need to download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app before joining their first meeting. The app for PC/Mac or mobile devices can be downloaded from here: zoom.us/download.

Faculty and staff can request add-on services, including participants using toll-free numbers, in-meeting call-out, Webinar and Zoom Room Services. To request Zoom add-on services or a HIPAA-compliant Zoom account, submit a service request. Within this service request link, you can find prices under “Which Zoom service would you like?”.

There is no cost for all connections using internet-connected devices (computers, and mobile devices using Wi-Fi connections).

When using regular phone calls, charges do apply depending on the country and kind of connection. Check below to find prices for regular phone calls:

Zoom Meetings Dial In / Out Coverage and Rates

The Co-Host feature will allow you to assign another user in the meeting hosting privileges. This can be useful to allow another user to manage the administrative side of the meeting, such as muting participants or starting/stopping the recording.

Check this page to learn all about Co-Hosts.