CLR Instructions for OSX

California Law Review – Instructions for Mac OSX

The follow instructions will show you how to properly configure your Mac to connect to the CLR folder on Argyll. 

Part I: Installing bSecure GlobalProtect VPN

Follow these instructions to install the bSecure GlobalProtect VPN on your computer –

Part II: Configuring your Mac OS to connect to Argyll (and the CLR folder)

  1. Whenever you want to access the CLR folder, you will need to be connect to the VPN you installed in part 1.
  2. Open a Finder (the two blue faces)OSX06
  3. At the top, choose Go > “Connect to Server…OSX07
  4. In the server address, fill in the following, “smb://
  5. It will prompt you for credentials, please remove your computer credentials and replace it with your Calnet ID and Passphrase.
    (Hint: You may want to checkbox ‘Remember this password in my keychain’ if you don’t want it to prompt you for your credentials everytime.)OSX8.5
  6. Once you’ve connected you should see the CLR folder under the Student Journals folder.OSX09
  7. You can pin the folder in the favorites on the left hand side if you drag the CLR folder over. There will be a blue/black line that will appear, where the line appears will be where the shortcut will be placed. This shortcut will make it so you can access the folder quickly.
    (Hint: If the shortcut ever disappears, simply begin again at Part III, step 2 – “Go > Connect to Server…”)OSX107. You are now done! Congrats.