At Berkeley Law, we pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere that recognizes and nurtures the best in people, intellectually and personally. We constantly challenge our students to extend and excel. But we discourage rivalry by refraining from giving traditional letter grades, calculating GPAs, or assigning numerical rankings. We place intense academic demands on our students, but allow room for participation in our student-initiated projects, student journals, and many student organizations.

We offer more fascinating activities than any student can possibly plumb. But we understand that student life doesn't end at the school perimeter. It spills spontaneously across the UC Berkeley campus, the city of Berkeley, and the San Francisco Bay Area. The options are infinite, whether a person's interests run to politics or poetry, food or film, nature or nightlife. Restaurants within a one-mile radius represent more than 30 cuisines from every continent but Antarctica. Our music, dance, and film scenes are every bit as international as our culinary landscape. And making the case that our spectacular recreational resources surpass those of our peer schools is so easy it's practically unethical. 

At Berkeley Law we never lose sight of our great fortune to be part of a world-class university in the heart of a region world-famous for its leadership in science, technology, business, and culture, along with its entrepreneurial spirit, multiculturalism, and natural beauty.



Nestled in rolling hills that ring San Francisco Bay, the area immediately around Berkeley Law offers an unsurpassed variety of recreational possibilities. Watch this short video for a sample.


Beyond Berkeley Law

When you are ready to venture out beyond Berkeley, whether for a night out, a day trip or a weekend, it's hard to beat what the Bay Area and Northern California have to offer.