Student Association at Berkeley Law (SABL)

The Student Association at Berkeley Law or SABL (formerly Boalt Hall Student Association (BHSA)), the law school’s student government organization, is composed of all registered law students. SABL organizes activities of general law school interest and helps new students adjust to life at Berkeley Law by sponsoring social, athletic and law-related events. The SABL council represents student interests in curriculum planning, admissions policy, faculty hiring, administration of the library, professional placement, and many other areas; the council also appoints student representatives to faculty-student committees. In addition, SABL allocates funds to each of the student groups at Berkeley Law.

You can contact the SABL at:

32 Law Building
Berkeley, CA 94720-7200


2020-2021 Board


Ray Durham
Tiara Brown

Ariel Flores Mena
Tiffany Deguzman
Victoria Scordato
Transfer Student Representative
Michelle Zhou
Graduate Assembly Representative
Ari Chivukula
Student Organizations Representative
MJ Han
1L Rep

Yara Slaton
Ximena Velazquez-Arenas

2L Rep
Aditi Ghatlia
Suhayla Ahmed
3L Rep
Idrian Mollaneda
3L Class President
Ayyan Zubair
Alexa Homewood
Jim Su
Nicolás Lezaca
SABL GA Delegates

Betul Ayranci
Marlenee Blas
Brooke Bradley
Nilam Faqhir
Blaine Manire
Rachel Schuster