2019 Mental Health Awareness & Wellness Week

2019 Mental Health Awareness and Wellness Week

Monday, October 7
Mindful Monday with Prof. Bill Fernholz
Morrison Foerster Room
Lunch provided

Wouldn’t it be nice to pause for a few moments and breathe? Professor Bill Fernholz, a longtime mindfulness practitioner, will share how these practices have influenced his approach to life and law, and will lead a simple meditation. No meditation experience necessary!

Tuesday, October 8
Financial Wellness Workshop with Access Lex
Room 170
Lunch provided

Everyone approaches money matters differently. Knowing not only how you handle your finances, but why, can hold the key to achieving your financial goals. This workshop focuses on identifying your individual strengths and weaknesses, and will prepare you to balance emotion and logic when making personal finance decisions.

This workshop is co-sponsored by the Office of Student Services and the Office of Financial Aid.  

Zumba with Maribel Garcia Ochoa (2L)

Warren Room

Exercise can reduce stress, improve focus, and boost your energy. Get your heart rate up with a Zumba class led by 2L student Maribel Garcia Ochoa. Wear comfortable clothes and bring water to stay hydrated! 


Wednesday, October 9
Play Your Stress Away with Improv!
Warren Room
Lunch and workshop available to the first 40 students.

Play is not just for kids! Practicing improv can enhance a multitude of communication and collaboration skills, which you can apply to your daily life. It’s fun, enlivening, and easier than you think!

Come learn what applied improvisation is all about, and try out a few fun and easy theater games for yourself!

The lesson will be led by Karen Twelves, an improv performing in the Bay Area since 2008. Described by former clients as ‘high-energy, focused, and funny,” she has coached improv since 2012. She helps her clients embrace possibility and achieve their maximum personal growth.

This workshop can accommodate the first 40 students. RSVP for the workshop and lunch here to reserve your spot: https://forms.gle/xPBq5MrdB3NSLerQA, or drop by to see if space is available. 

Thursday, October 10
“Behind the Mask”: Decorate a Mask & Disrupt Impostor Syndrome
Goldberg Room
Drop in from 12:45-2:00pm
Lunch provided

“Impostor syndrome” is the fear that our apparent success is just a fluke, and that one day we may be unmasked as a fraud. It is a common phenomenon, and as high achievers, graduate students are particularly susceptible. Everyone else may seem confident, but what we see on the outside may not match how folks are really feeling. In reality, we all wear masks sometimes!

Drop by anytime between 12:45-2:00 to the Goldberg Room to paint your own mask. NO RSVP required. We’ll have lunch while it lasts, as well as a self-reflection activity about impostor syndrome.