2018 Mental Health Awareness & Wellness Week


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Mindfulness Monday — Special Edition

When: 12:45-2:00pm

Join family law attorney and mediator Emily Doskow, a Berkeley Law alum, to learn about the personal and professional benefits of mindfulness in connection with law school and lawyering. The program will include lunch, listening, and trying out some meditation. This event is perfect for first-timers, as well as more experienced meditators.

Emily Doskow has been practicing family law in the Bay Area since 1989. In addition to her work as an attorney and mediator, Emily has been practicing mindfulness meditation for over 18 years and is the owner of Mindfulness Over Matters, providing training, coaching, and support for mindful law practice.  Emily has taught mindfulness to law students at JFK University Law School, as well as to attorneys at the Alameda County Bar Association, the Family Violence Law Center, Continuing Education of the Bar, and Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

Where: Warren Room

Lunch provided



Wellness and Identity Workshop

When: 12:45-2:00pm

Law school can be a stressful time for everyone. Identity may be one source of community and support, while at the same time facets of identity–both visible and invisible–can contribute to higher stress levels and can generate feelings of otherness that may affect emotional well-being.

Join us for facilitated small-group discussions of ways in which identity can bring both strength and challenges in the law school context. Whether you are someone who feels that identity has had a major impact on your law school experience, or if you want to learn how privilege may have shielded you from some sources of stress, you are welcome to be part of the discussion.

This event is co-sponsored by the Henderson Center.

Where: Goldberg Room

Lunch provided



Work/Life Balance in Biglaw: Alumni Perspectives (Wednesday)

When: 12:45-2:00pm

One narrative about Biglaw is that you won’t have time for anything else in your life. It doesn’t have to be that way! Join us in conversation with Berkeley Law alumni who have thrived in corporate law practice while maintaining fulfilling lives outside the law.

Panelists will share their own experiences and take questions from students about how to protect time for self and family while achieving excellence at law firms.

Panelists will be: Judith Zahid ‘01, Zelle, LLP; Jimena Acuña Smith ‘10, Ropes and Gray; Joshua González ‘15, Covington

Where: Room 170 (Boalt Hall)

Lunch provided



Harm Reduction, Substance Use, and Law School

When: 12:45-2:00pm

Come hear from Robin Walley, a social services staff member with University Health Services, about the harm reduction model for substance use and the resources available on campus to support yourself and others.

Where: Room 132 (Boalt Hall)

Lunch provided


Mindfulness Resources:

Podcasts and Apps

East Bay Meditation Centers

Local Low-Cost Yoga

Alcohol and Substance Use Resources:

Online Resources


Counseling and Support Services at UC Berkeley


  • Dr. Linda Zaruba, PhD is our counselor at the law school available for confidential counseling and support. For an appointment, call 510-643-5447.


Community-Based Support Groups and Meetings

  • The Other Bar is a network of recovering lawyers, law students and judges throughout the state of California, dedicated to assisting others within the legal profession who are suffering from alcohol and substance abuse problems. 24-hour hotline: (800) 222-0767
  • Alcoholics Anonymous offers a Twelve-step recovery program for men and women recovering from alcoholism. For more information call (510) 839-8900 (central office and 24-hr. hotline) or email centraloffice@eastbayaa.org.
  • Marijuana Anonymous/MA World Services offers Twelve-step recovery program for men and women recovering from marijuana addiction. For more information call 800-766-6779 or 510-287-8873
  • Narcotics Anonymous offers a Twelve-step recovery program for men and women recovering from drug addiction.



Mind and Body Wellness Resources:

Local Group Fitness

Run, Bike, Swim, Hike

Sleep and Stress Relief Activities