To-Do List

Every event should begin with a planning checklist. It’s crucial to help determine the scope of what you would like to accomplish — and ensure you can accomplish these goals within your allotted budget and time frame. Good event planning always requires close attention to these three pillars: scope, time, and budget.

The event templates page provides samples of complex and simple event planning forms, as well as a comprehensive timeline.

Another good checklist is the Business Services flier, Taking Advantage of the Event Planner Card. It provides a clear overview of the many types of event expenditures and payment options.


Sponsoring Organization:
Administrator Contact:
    Phone & Email:
Faculty Contact:
    Phone & Email:

Event Specifications:

Event Title:
Audience Type:
Dates (flexible / fixed):
Start & End Time:
Expected Attendance:


Budget Officer:
Total Budget Allocation:
Registration Revenue: (minus 7% UC fee)
Co-Sponsors Income: (in consultation with Alumni Center and CFO)
Event Sales:


Advertising: (graphic design, printing and postage, public relations)
Event Facilities: (if outside Berkeley Law)
Audio Visual: (microphones, videotaping, ppt projector)
Presenter Travel, Transportation, and Accommodations:
Catering: (menu restrictions, receptions and dinners, alcohol)
Peripherals: (handouts, name tags, table tents, posters)