Every good event plan contains a budget (and a corresponding chartstring). A sample Excel budget for a two day conference can be found on the event templates page

Please note: Keep in mind that Business Services can pay for most travel, vendors, and services in advance. This keeps you – and your hosted guests – from paying out-of-pocket and seeking reimbursement.


The list of expenses below serves as a basic reminder for general costs, plus an indication of the different elements involved in hosting an event.


Breakfast ($8 to $26)
Lunch ($10 to $45)
Breaks ($4 to $18)
Dinner ($20 to $78) 
Reception ($8 to $18)
Service Charges (15% to 20% – included in per person limit)
Taxes (8.75% in Alameda – included in per person limit)


Parking Passes ($10 to $16)
Hotel ($110 to $210)
Flights ($120 to $750 domestic)
Taxi Service ($64 OAK; $96 SFO – both one way)
Shuttles ($30)


Outside Space Rental ($500)
Graphic Design ($1500)
Printing ($750)
Mailing ($500)
A/V and Technical Support ($1300 with technician)



If you plan to solicit financial support for your event from external individuals, law firms, or other organizations you must consult with the Berkeley Law Alumni Center before you contact potential donors.

Individual Registrations

Please see the Event Registration page for details on the two online registration options and to learn about cash handling procedures.