Berkeley Law Alumni Admissions Outreach Program

The Alumni Admissions Outreach Program is a collaborative effort between the Alumni Engagement Office and the Admissions Office that runs between February and May each year. Our goal is to engage Berkeley Law alumni with the school as you connect with our newly admitted students to help us enroll the most talented and diverse J.D. student body. The results of this partnership have proven to be outstanding, with recently entering J.D. classes hitting new highs for academic qualifications and diversity.  The feedback we’ve received from alumni is that they’ve enjoyed speaking to potential new students.

One student told us: Speaking with Berkeley Alumni cemented my decision that Berkeley Law was the right school for me and introduced me to career paths I did not know existed. For me personally I did not know I could practice American Law abroad, and through my connections with Berkeley Law alumni in Japan, I discovered that practicing abroad was what I wanted to pursue. The short 30-minute calls I had prior to committing to Berkeley were a fantastic way to grasp a better understanding of how Berkeley could help me cultivate my interest in global issues. Alumni connected me to the renowned Human Rights Clinic and Professors who had experience in Japan. Further, I am still in contact with the alum I met early on, and they have been incredible resources as I navigate the summer job search abroad. This coming summer, I will be working with one of the alumni I connected with in the spring prior to entering law school.” 

Utilizing the Berkeley Law Connect platform, alumni select the admitted student(s) they wish to contact and then follow up via email and phone to talk with the student(s) about attending Berkeley Law and talk about their experiences both at Berkeley Law and as graduates. Alumni are asked to provide feedback on these conversations for additional follow-up by Admissions staff. The time commitment is approximately 30 minutes per admitted student.

If you would like to get involved, please contact