bCourses Access Policy

Campus Educational Technology Services (ETS) has granted the law school administrator access to bCourses so that we can create bCourses sites for all law classes, link the bCourses sites to student rosters and add appropriate support staff.  The following individuals have access to law school bCourses sites for technical purposes:

Account administrators (highest level of access for the purpose of managing law sites):

  • Manager of Instructional Technology
  • Chief Technology Officer

Support administrators (create sites; link rosters; add users; troubleshoot problems with integrated apps such as the seating chart):

  • Instructional Technologist
  • Manager of Instructional Technology
  • Help Desk Technician

Media Publishers (modified observer admin status, no access to student data, publishes media/videos to sites)

  • Educational Tech Specialist Supervisor
  • 2.5 FTE Educational Tech Specialist

Other law school administrators have observer access to bCourses sites for the purposes of consulting syllabi as needed, posting announcements about canceled classes, anonymously supporting disabled students, and other program administration reasons:

  • Assistant Dean of Academic Planning and Coordination
  • Director of Student Services, JD students
  • Associate Director of Student Services, LLM & JSD students (access in summer only)
  • Director of Legal Research and Writing (LRW) for LLM students.  (This role serves as a supervisor of LLM-LRW instructors.  It is responsible for supervising LLM-LRW lecturers, creating the program curriculum and monitoring progress of each class.)
  • Manager of the Faculty Support Unit

We will not authorize access outside of the terms of the policy without permission from either the instructor or the dean

The DRAFT Privacy Balancing Analysis for the Law School’s bCourses Access Policy is currently being vetted by campus governance committees.  When that process has completed, we will incorporate feedback into our policy statement.  In the meantime, the DRAFT Privacy Balancing Analysis statement explains our business practice with regards to bCourses access:


Feedback and questions regarding this policy should be sent to bcoursespolicy@law.berkeley.edu

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