October 25-26, 2011, Berkeley, CA



Session 1 – Opening Remarks
Prof. Masayuki Murayama, Meiji University
Prof. Harry Scheiber, UC Berkeley
Prof. Charles Weisselberg, UC Berkeley

Session 2 – Natural and Nuclear Disasters, March 2011
Prof. Shozo Ota, The University of Tokyo

Session 3 – Earthquake and Property Law:  A Historical Perspective
Prof. Shunichiro Koyanagi, Dokkyo University

Session 4 –Disaster Law after Katrina
Prof. Daniel Farber, UC Berkeley

Session 5 – Katrina and Access to Justice
Mr. Reilly Morse, Mississippi Center for Justice

Session 6 – Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Urban Planning in Chile
Prof. Geraldine Herrmann, Universidad Diego Portales

Session 7 – Experience in Indonesia
Dr. Fadjar Thufail, Indonesian Institute of Sciences

Session 8 – Natural Disasters in Thailand
Ms. Kridtiyaporn Wongsa, Chiang Mai University
Session 9 – Law and Society Research and Disaster Law
Prof. Susan Sterett, National Science Foundation

Session 10 – Closing Reflections
Prof. Charles Weisselberg

Session 11 – Institutional Design and Responsibility of Engineers
Prof. Shuichi Iwata, The University of Tokyo

Session 12 – Fukushima From the Back-End of the Fuel Cycle and Waste Management
Prof. Joonhong Ahn, UC Berkeley

Session 13 – Regulatory ‘Failure’ of Nuclear Safety and Complex Risk Governance
Prof. Hideaki Shiroyama, The University of Tokyo
Session 14 – Nuclear Issues and the Oceans
Prof. Harry Scheiber, UC Berkeley

Session 15 – Self-Regulation in the United States
Prof. Joseph Rees, Virginia Tech

Session 16 – Accessing Japanese Government Information Concerning the Fukushima Radiation Cleanup
Prof. Lawrence Repeta, Meiji University

Session 17 – Legal Compensation for Damages from Natural and Nuclear Disasters
Ms. Sherry Broder, Esq.

Session 18 – Legal Compensation Scheme for Nuclear Disasters in Japan
Prof. Masayuki Murayama

Session 19 – What Would Ken Feinberg Do?  Tort Law, Compensation, and Disasters in Japan
Prof. Eric Feldman, University of Pennsylvania