Student & Careers

Berkeley Law attracts the very best students and offers them the most comprehensive instructional program in law and technology available anywhere in the world.  Our course catalog offers 80+ courses focused on tech and IP Law.  Whether you are interested in patent law, privacy law, tech startups, or the intersection of criminal law and technology, Berkeley Law has classes for you–both introductory and advanced.

To help guide students through our course work and to recognize those who have specialized in tech or IP law, BCLT offers students its prestigious Law & Technology Certificate. This award is available both to J.D. and LL.M. graduates.  

To further enhance our student’s educational opportunities, BCLT supports two leading legal journals and 9 student groups.  This support for students is only possible because BCLT’s sponsors have invested in the experiences of Berkeley Law students. We cannot thank them enough for their investment.

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