Photo & CalNet IDs

Photo Identification

The Cal Photo ID Office manages the production and issuance of photo identification cards to students, faculty and staff of the UC Berkeley campus community.

While not mandatory, the Faculty and Staff ID card gives you access to some benefits and services on campus and is proof of official campus affiliation. Some of the functions of the Cal Photo ID card include library privileges, building access (including the RSF with membership), meal plans, and discounts for staff and faculty.

Obtaining the Card

All faculty and staff currently employed by the University and have a valid UC Berkeley employee ID number are entitled to a Cal Photo ID card.

To obtain your Faculty or Staff Photo ID card, bring a government-issued picture ID (Driver’s license, passport or California ID card) to 110 Cesar Chavez Center, located in lower Sproul Plaza. The initial card is free.


CalNet IDs

A CalNet ID and its associated passphrase are required to access many UC Berkeley CalNet-enabled online services.

Activating Your CalNet ID

To activate your CalNet ID:

  1. Go to a Boalt CalNet Deputy. Be sure to bring your Cal Photo ID.
  2. You will be given a temporary “token” (a numerical code). This token will be good for 72 hours.
  3. Go to the Activate CalNet ID web page to set up your CalNet ID and passphrase. Your default CalNet ID will be the same as your employee ID number. Your passphrase must be a minimum of 9 characters and must contain at least three different character classes (uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, etc.).

Changing Your CalNet ID

Faculty and staff may change their CalNet ID from their employee ID number to a self-selected value (once only) by going to the Change CalNet ID web page.