Hire a Student Legal Associate (Student Assistant 4)

The Student Legal Associate (Student Assistant 4) performs a variety of complex administrative duties in support of those persons involved in academic research projects. These student assistants perform clerical, manual, advising, coordinative, and/or public contact duties, in support of professionals like the Dean of Berkeley Law, that require the use of specialized administrative skills. The Student Legal Associate will use a great degree of complexity in assigned administrative research support and related assignments, involving the frequent use of specialized skills. The Student Legal Associate role is reserved for Berkeley Law students who typically have undergraduate degrees.

Please Note:

  • Student Legal Associates (STDT 4) are only applicable for Berkeley Law Students, for hiring non-Berkeley Law Graduate students, please hire them as Graduate Student Researchers.
  • Students are not permitted to work until they have completed onboarding and/or received clearance from Berkeley Regional Services.
  • Requests to recruit students please contact SJ Wainwright at sjwainwright@berkeley.edu.
  • Requests to hire, rehire, or extend students must be submitted via the STUDENT ASSISTANT HIRING FORM
  • When a student is leaving employment, please contact SJ Wainwright at sjwainwright@berkeley.edu to terminate the record. 

Step-by-Step Instructions



Delegating timecard approval

Supervisors are required to review and approve all timecards prior to the payroll deadline. If you are unable to fulfill this responsibility due to travel or other circumstances, you can delegate authority to another person.

Paper Timesheet

Use while student’s online CalTime account is being set-up – Requires supervisor approval before submitting.

How a student logs time in CalTime when they have multiple campus jobs (page 2)

Reporting Payroll Questions or Problems

Go to ServiceNow. Select “Ask an HR Question or Report an HR Problem”, and complete the online form.

***Please direct any questions or concerns about student assistants to your Berkeley Regional Services representative, Denise Hancock (dhancock@berkeley.edu)