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Berkeley Law attracts the very best students and offers them the most comprehensive instructional program in law and technology available anywhere in the world.

The unmatched experience of Berkeley Law makes its students sought-after hiring prospects by top law firms, judges, government agencies, and other organizations.

We support a wide range of student groups, which allow students to develop friendships and pursue interests extending beyond the classroom.


 BERC logo


BERC Law is the law school branch of the Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative, a student-led organization which aims to connect and educate the UC Berkeley energy and resources community. BERC Law helps to inform law students about current legal practice and advances in the fields of energy, climate and clean technologies through curriculum development, an expanding alumni and professional network, the promotion of events and discussions centered on green issues, and creation of a Career Guide for Energy, Climate and CleanTech Law.


Berkeley Journal of Entertainment and Sports Law

The Berkeley Journal of Entertainment and Sports Law (BJESL) is a student-run organization dedicated to promulgating scholarship on legal issues that contemporaneously impact various entertainment industries, both domestically and internationally. As an interactive and electronic law review, BJESL presents a unique platform for rich discourse on legal topics such as copyright, trademark, art, sports, film and television, communications and broadcast media, First Amendment, right to privacy, music, antitrust and unfair competition, contracts, and more!


BTLJ - Berkeley Technology Law Journal

Berkeley Technology Law Journal

The Berkeley Technology Law Journal (BTLJ) is a student-run publication of the University of California at Berkeley School of Law. BTLJ began as the High Technology Law Journal, publishing its first issue in Spring 1986. The Journal covers emerging issues of law in the areas of intellectual property and biotechnology; BTLJ strives to keep judges, policymakers, practitioners and the academic community abreast of the dynamic field of technology law. BTLJ has consistently been ranked as the top journal for intellectual property law, and has been repeatedly cited by courts, including every regional Circuit Court of Appeal, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court.


Bringing Law Into Science & Society logo.Bringing Law Into Science & Society

BLISS seeks to build greater understanding between scientists and lawyers through interdisciplinary seminars and networking events. Lawyers (and law students) learn how scientific proof is constructed and defined, so they can apply tools of scientific analysis to the practice of law. Scientists (and STEM students) learn how legal proof is constructed and described, to enhance their advocacy on legal and policy matters. BLISS provides an intellectually-engaging, interdisciplinary environment where law and STEM students can enrich their training and inform their policy goals.


Coalition of Minorities in Technology Law logo.

Coalition of Minorities in Technology Law

The Coalition of Minorities in Technology Law (CMTL) is a student organization established within UC Berkeley School of Law with the purpose of providing community, mentorship, career resources, and advocacy on behalf of students who are interested in technology law and who come from backgrounds historically underrepresented in the technology, legal, and technology law fields.


Healthcare and Biotech Law Society at Berkeley Law

The Healthcare and Biotech Law Society at Berkeley Law is a group of law students who are interested in examining and analyzing the intersection between law, society, policy, and science. Our mission is to stimulate the intellectual and professional development of law students interested in health and/or biotech law. We provide a forum for students with a broad range of interests.



 ipls logoThe Intellectual Property Society

The Intellectual Property Society (IPLS) at Berkeley Law caters to the interests of all the budding Intellectual Property lawyers! IPLS is committed to cultivating research, discussions and advocacy in the field of Intellectual Property Law. We strive to provide all kinds of fruitful opportunities to the students interested in intellectual property law, thereby strengthening their ties with Berkeley Law community. We work towards: 1) building network between intellectual property law attorneys, advocacy organizations and the Berkeley Law student body in order to promote the field of intellectual property law; 2) spreading awareness of intellectual property law as a career path for young scholars in the Berkeley community at large; and 3) providing training opportunities for students and also encouraging and maintaining intellectual property law curriculum and clinic opportunities at Berkeley Law.



Privacy Law at Berkeley

The Privacy Law at Berkeley (PrivLAB) serves as a forum for students, faculty and other members interested in the various facets of Information Privacy Law. The Association organizes meetings, events, talks, and seminars by experts working in the area of information privacy law. We aim to develop a strong network of people working towards the mission of overcoming challenges posed by the digital world and complexities arising from the same.


Public Interest Law & Technology

Public Interest Law & Technology (PIL&T) is a community of students interested in the intersection of law, technology, and social justice. We recognize the ways in which new technologies—and the laws governing them—can positively or negatively impact civil liberties, human rights, democratic governance, and social equity. PIL&T links together the robust public interest and tech law communities at Berkeley Law by establishing a space for students to learn about important issues in this intersection, network with public interest technology lawyers, and support one another in crafting fulfilling careers.


space law society logo

Space Law Society

Space. The final frontier. The Space Law Society provides a venue for the Berkeley Law community to encounter historical, contemporary, and prospective issues in the law and policy of outer space. Like many high technology legal fields, Space Law is a relatively new field which has developed rapidly. Our mission is one of nuanced exchange and infinite comradery. The ongoing mission of Space Law Society is to explore the emerging field, embracing the many perspectives that Berkeley Law Students have to offer and seeking out new practices and ideas—boldly going where no Berkeley Law student organization has gone before!


sports and entertainment law society logo

Sports and Entertainment Law Society

The mission of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society (SELS) is to educate the Berkeley Law community about legal opportunities and issues in the entertainment and sports industries. SELS also strives to facilitate opportunities for students to network not only with each other, but also with legal professionals in these industries. SELS regularly sponsors many events during the academic year, including both guest lectures and social events. SELS thereby provides a resource for students to connect with alumni and other industry-leading professionals and seek employment opportunities in the sports and entertainment industries.


Women in Tech Law logo.

Women in Tech Law

Women in Tech Law (WiTL) is a student- led organization that strives to recruit, support, and empower women who are interested in pursuing technology law through providing outreach, mentorship, and educational resources. WiTL aspires to use outreach as a medium to not only encourage women to enter the field, but to also expand the presence of women in the field by providing awareness to the opportunities and potential that tech law can hold for women from both STEM and non-STEM backgrounds. WiTL seeks to use mentorship and other platforms to increase members’ accessibility into tech law, in an attempt to break the glass ceiling of the technology industry.