March 2011 Beyond Piracy in the New China



March 10, 2011
Bancroft Hotel, Berkeley
The Intellectual Property (IP) enforcement system in China has made great advances in recent years  China now has the most active civil dockets for IP in the world, with patent cases commanding the highest damage awards. 
In this new environment, companies doing business in China need to manage the risks and consequences of infringing – or being accused of infringing — the IP of others, particularly patents. Although problems of counterfeiting and piracy are far from resolved, this “Beyond Piracy” Conference will examine best practices for avoiding infringement, defending infringement litigation, licensing patents, and developing a defensive patent portfolio in China. 
Panelists will also address these questions:  Does China’s encouragement of indigenous innovation disadvantage foreign companies?  What is the quality of patents granted in China? Do utility models and design patents create particular problems, or do they provide strategic opportunities? Are “patent trolls” emerging in China? What are the risks of antitrust claims in asserting patents in China?  What policy initiatives should be considered in response to these developments?
4.75 hours of MCLE credit are offered for attending the conference.


TAP Review: Beyond Piracy: Managing Patent Risks in the New China – from April 26, 2011