Angela Zhang Book Talk | High Wire: How China Regulates Big Tech and Governs Its Economy

angela zhang book talkMonday – April 1, 2024
1-2 PM
141 Law Building & Online (Zoom)
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Join Professor Angela Zhang (USC School of Law), Professor Rob Merges (BCLT), and Dr. Yuan Hao (BCLT) for a discussion on her book titled High WireHow China Regulates Big Tech and Governs Its Economy on April 1st in Room 141 from 1-2 PM. 


“In High Wire, Angela Zhang provides a comprehensive and sophisticated overview of how China regulates its enormous tech sector. Zhang introduces a dynamic pyramid model to analyze the structure, process, and outcome of China’s unique regulatory system. She showcases the shrewd self-regulatory tactics employed by Chinese tech titans to survive and thrive in an institutional environment plagued by endemic fraud and corruption. She also reveals how the Chinese State has given a helping hand to digital platforms by offering them indispensable judicial support. Through a robust analysis of the tumultuous 2020-2022 tech crackdown, Zhang explores the model’s profound impact on three vital pillars of Chinese platform regulation, including antitrust, data, and labor enforcement. These regulatory shifts have also steered investors from consumer tech businesses toward hardcore technologies that are essential for China’s bid to overtake the United States in innovation.”


This event is open to the entire law school community.