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Student Course Book Information

How to Find What Books are Required and/or Recommended for Your Classes

Go to Schedule of Classes or the list of course books at the Berkeley Law Bookstore:

  • Browse or search for your class.
  • Get the class and section number.
  • Note the books you will need. On the Schedule of Classes, this information is located at the bottom on the page. Required books are in blue, the other titles are recommended. Required books are mostly casebooks, but not always.   

Or you can check bCourses (the campus courseware site) for your class. Your professor may have posted information on required and recommended books. To access bCourses, you must have a Calnet ID and passphrase.  


Ways to Purchase Course Books (print or electronic)

  • Go to the Schedule of Classes and copy and paste the links to the books needed for your class into a browser, to find electronic versions of your casebooks.

    ALERT: Some publishers are offering significant discounts on the electronic versions of their casebooks. For information on discounts, go to the Discounted Casebooks page on the Law Library’s website.

  • Go to the law school’s Bookstore website.
    You must have the course and section numbers to use this site. The class number on the Schedule of Classes is the course number.
    This website allows you to see the various options for your books: purchase print, rent, or purchase electronic versions. However, these prices may not be the best available and you cannot get the discounts mentioned above from the Bookstore. These discounts are only available when you order directly from the publisher.

  • Using Google or some other search engine, search for the ISBN number (from the Bookstore site or the Schedule of Classes) or search by the title and author. ISBN numbers look like this: ISBN: 9781543813074. Check the links for Amazon,, or other vendors, and be sure you are getting the correct edition of the books you need before ordering.


What Course Materials are Available Electronically from the Law Library

The Law Library cannot provide access to any casebooks, but it may be able to provide electronic access to other course materials that are required or recommended for your classes.

To find out what course materials are available electronically from the Law Library:

  • Search the Spring 2021 Course Reserves module of LawCat (the Law Library’s catalog) by the name of the professor (last name is usually sufficient) or the title of the course. The records will indicate which books are available electronically through the Law Library. For example, if you have Civil Procedure for LLMs with Prof. Oppenheimer, you can search “civil procedure” or “Oppenheimer” and you will be able to access Federal Rules of Civil Procedure / Womxn of Color Collective at the University of California School of Law.

Also, check bCourses for your class. Your professor may have posted or linked to electronic versions of materials needed for your class. To access bCourses, you must have a Calnet ID and passphrase.


Sell Your Casebooks

If you wish to sell your casebooks back to the bookstore, see the Berkeley Law Bookstore website for more information.