Food and drinks are permitted in the Law Library in the Main Reading Room (L2), Reading Rooms on LL1, in the study spaces on LL2, with the following caveats in order to avoid damage to library materials and disturbing others:

Beverages must be in spill-proof containers such as covered cups or pop top cans
Food should not be noisy or have an odor distracting others from studying
Clean it up/throw it away: wipe up accidents, throw away or recycle your food containers and bottles. The bathrooms have paper towels. Trash containers are available throughout the library.
“No Fault Policy”: tell a library staff member immediately if there is an accident so we can ensure that damaged materials, furniture, and flooring are properly treated and there is appropriate clean-up.

The Law Library reserves the right to ask people not following these policies to relocate or put food and drink items away.

Robbins Collection Reading Room and Computer Lab

No food or drink of any kind (including plain water) in the Robbins Collection Reading Room or in the computer lab.