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LL 1, LL 2, and Main Reading Rooms

You can eat and drink in the LL 1, LL 2, and Main Reading Rooms (L2). Drinks are allowed only in secured, thermal style mugs.

Drinks are not allowed in:

  • paper cups
  • open mugs
  • cans
  • bottles (except plain water)

Food is allowed so long as you limit your intake to quiet, non-odoriferous foods.
No loud food, such as carrot sticks, apples, or cheetos, and no smelly foods, such as garlic infested anything,
sauerkraut, etc.
And of course, no cornnuts or nachos, which violate both the no loud food and no odoriferous food rules.
If you spill, please clean up your mess. Go to the patron services desk to get paper towels, etc.

Robbins Collection Reading Room and Computer Lab

No food or drink of any kind (including plain water) in the Robbins Collection Reading Room or in the computer lab.

Please follow these simple rules and don’t make us have to become food and drink police.
Not many libraries allow food or drink of any kind,
because the potential for damage to the books and computers is great.
But we want to make your study time as comfortable as possible, so we are stretching the rules.
We need your cooperation to keep this up.