Faculty Casebooks

Privacy Law Fundamentals, Third Edition

The third edition of the popular Privacy Law Fundamentals text
incorporates extensive developments in privacy law and includes an
introductory chapter summarizing key new laws, cases and enforcement
actions. Privacy Law Fundamentals is no treatise-its accessible,
portable format delivers vital information in a concise and digestible
manner. It includes key provisions of privacy statutes; leading cases;
tables summarizing the statutes (private rights of action, preemption,
liquidated damages, etc.); summaries of key state privacy laws; an
overview of FTC enforcement actions; and answers to frequently asked
questions, including:
What are the key points in all the HHS resolution agreements for HIPAA violations?
What are the theories of harm in litigation for privacy and security cases and how well has each fared?
What are the most significant FTC privacy and data security cases of the past decade?

(International Association of Privacy Professionals, 2015), with Daniel J. Solove and Paul M. Schwartz

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Patent Case Management Judicial Guide: Federal Judicial Center 2010

This product was originally distributed to all federal judges through the Federal Judicial Center. It is a collaborative effort between the Federal Judicial Center and the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology of the University of California – Berkeley School of Law.

(Matthew Bener, 2010), with Peter S. Menell, Lynn H. Pasahow, James Pooley, and Matthew D. Powers

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Information Privacy Law

Information Privacy Law, now in its Fourth Edition, presents groundbreaking cases and cutting-edge issues, along with informative discussion and concise introductions for each area of privacy law. A conceptual framework brings logic and clarity to this wide-ranging field. Stimulating questions fuel classroom debate.

(Aspen Law & Business, 4th ed. 2012), with Paul Schwartz and Daniel J. Solove (along with Teacher’s Manual)

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Patent Law and Policy: Cases and Materials

This leading casebook makes Patent Law accessible to a wide audience of students and instructors. Patent Law and Policy provides numerous diagrams and figures, concise explanations of relevant legal principles, and to the extent possible, cases involving relatively simple technologies.

(Lexisnexis, 4th ed. 2007), with Robert P. Merges and John F. Duffy (along with 2005 Statutory and Treaty Supplement)

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Intellectual Property in the New Technological Age

Known for its broad, accessible coverage of both traditional and cutting-edge issues, Intellectual Property in the New Technological Age is the cornerstone of a proven teaching package.

Strengthened and refined through years of successful classroom use, the casebook: covers the full range of legal protections for intellectual property: trade secret, patent law, copyright law, trademarks/trade dress, state and federal intellectual property protections, protections for computer software, and a general overview of antitrust law; integrates cases and materials with challenging practice problems; is enriched by a law and economics perspective that provides students with an analytical tool for a meaningful examination of the subject; offers outstanding treatment of new media issues, such as computer software; is reinforced by an annual statutory and case supplement which includes an introduction to biotechnology as well as all of the latest legal developments in IP; features an extremely helpful Teacher’s Manual with alternative syllabi for teaching the book in three- and four-credit comprehensive courses

(Aspen Law & Business, 4th ed. 2007), with Mark Lemley, Peter S. Menell, and Robert P. Merges (along with 2006 Case and Statutory Supplement and Teacher’s Manual).

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Property Law and Policy

 Dwyer and Menell’s text on property law integrates legal, philosophical, economic, sociological, anthropological, historical and political perspectives to provide students a firm grounding in the principal institutions—background legal rules administered by courts, social norms, markets, and political bodies—defining and governing property in societies.

(Foundation Press, 1997), with Peter S. Menell and John P. Dwyer

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Environmental Law and Policy

 The authors’ focus on policy and theory, rather than the minutia of environmental law, gives students the analytical tools they need to examine any given law or statute. This comprehensive policy-oriented casebook covers all the essential topics you’ll want to address in class.

(Aspen Law & Business, 1995), by Peter S. Menell

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