Berkeley Law Application Fee Waiver Request

To request a waiver, please complete the following form and submit it with proof of participation such as a verification/certification letter as soon as possible and no later than 5:00 pm, January 1.

Proof of participation falls into three broad categories: Honors/Research (i.e., Fulbright, Truman Scholarship), Public Service (i.e., Teach for America, Military), and Educational/Socio-Economic Disadvantage (CYDL participant, Gates Scholar, Pell Grant recipient). See categories at the bottom of this page for a complete list; select one and provide proof of participation (required).

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I am currently enrolled or a graduate of the following public service program and will attach verification:

I have received the following Honors/Research Scholarship and will attach verification:

I am a participant or participated in one of the following programs and will attach verification:

I understand that my application fee may be waived based on the information that I have provided. I certify that all the information I have provided is true and complete.