Sponsored Funding Opportunities


These campus websites provide information about external funding opportunities with links to related databases. You can also learn about funding opportunities by attending professional meetings and talking with funding program officers who attend to learn more about research in particular fields.  Some funding agencies hold workshops for new and prospective applicants to their funding programs.   

Berkeley Research Development Office
Sponsored Projects Office

Sponsored Project Policy

UC Berkeley policy requires that all employees who receive any part of their salary through the University, or whose activities use any University resources or facilities, must submit all proposals and receive all awards for extramural support through the Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) or the Industry Alliances Office (IAO).  This requirement ensures that all sponsored projects are screened for their compliance with relevant University, state, and federal policies and guidelines, and ensures the appropriate exercise of UC Berkeley’s fiscal responsibility for all extramural awards.   

Please note that the campus may refuse to accept any grant or contract for extramural funding that has not been appropriately submitted through SPO or IAO, and the transaction will be reported as a University policy violation.