When a sponsored project will include individuals or entities with whom a Principal Investigator plans to collaborate, the providers of these project-related services need to be classified as subrecipient, independent contractor or supplier at the time a proposal is being developed. 


If proposed services meet the criteria for a subaward, the pre-award administrator will work with each subrecipient to obtain a completed and signed Subrecipient Commitment Form or Multi-Campus Commitment Form, a Scope of Work narrative, line-item budget, budget justification and other required information.

Later, when an award has been made by the sponsor, Law’s post-award grant administrator will submit a request to have the subaward established and funds disbursed to the subrecipient at the appropriate time.

Independent Contractors

If services meet the criteria for an independent contractor relationship and the specific service provider has been named in the project narrative or technical section of the proposal, the pre-award administrator will obtain the required written confirmation from the supplier confirming their willingness and availability to participate in the project. If the service provider is described in the proposal only in general terms and not by name, no additional documentation is required.


Suppliers should be identified in the proposal budget and justification by the pre-award administrator.