Transcript 2016

  • Citing Exceptional Work In Many Forms (06/12/2016)

    Steinbach, who joined EBCLC in 2001, has been a driving force in its ascension to Alameda County’s largest provider of free legal services. More than 100 Berkeley Law students work each year at the clinic, which serves thousands of clients.

  • Global Bear Print: Alumni Spread Influence Across The World (06/12/2016)

    Visiting Scholars Program Director Lauren Webb says international scholars are drawn to Berkeley Law’s expert faculty, especially in key global areas such as environmental law, intellectual property, and business law. 

  • Time for a Disruption in Law (06/12/2016)

    Returning to the practice of law after five years away, I’m less concerned by the changes I see than by those I don’t see. Rather than reducing the number of people who cannot access legal services, the situation has reached crisis level.

  • Connecting His Community (06/12/2016)

    One major priority for Kuo: stimulating a more engaged alumni base in the Bay Area and beyond. A cornerstone of that effort is a new portal and database to facilitate networking, collaboration, and mentoring between alumni and students worldwide.

  • Recent Alumni Show Support For School’s New Era (06/12/2016)

    “It started with one alumna making a donation in professor Murray’s honor and using a Facebook badge to share it,” explains Sandberg. “When I saw that, I thought, ‘Yes, I have to do this, too.’ “

  • The Reciprocal Value Of ‘Partners In Leadership’ (06/12/2016)

     My favorite part is talking to alumni about what’s going on at the school. There’s so much exciting stuff happening that alumni aren’t aware of. Once you give some examples, it’s eye-opening, and people enthusiastically get on board.

  • Kassa

    The Activist Entrepreneur (06/12/2016)

    “We try to reach people at bus stops, restaurants, hair-braiding salons, churches, mosques, and festivals—instead of waiting for them to have an urgent situation and not know where to turn,” he says.

  • Sara Terheggen '07

    Bridging Silicon Valley’s Gender Divide (06/12/2016)

    As a California delegate to the Vision 2020 Campaign for Equality, a national effort to advance women’s economic and social status, Terheggen developed a think-tank series that focuses on increasing the number of women in leadership positions.

  • John Knox

    Bonding Over Home Improvements (06/12/2016)

    As a proud Richmond native and resident, John Knox is determined to improve quality of life in his oft-maligned East Bay hometown. As Richmond’s bond counsel, his outside-the-box thinking is helping to make that happen.

  • Trailblazing Dealmaker Charts Independent Path (06/12/2016)

    After earning her JD, Lichter left Berkeley for Los Angeles. From the outset, she represented independent filmmakers, directors, and writers—but artists became a greater focus as the entertainment industry itself became more inclusive.

  • Long Shot Proves A Natural (06/12/2016)

    The press consistently underestimated O’Callaghan’s skill and luck. He’d already staged a come-from-behind win for office and launched the career of his other favorite student, Harry Reid.

  • Bill Bagley

    A Strong Advocate For Civil Rights…And His Alma Mater (06/12/2016)

    Undergrad UC Berkeley valedictorian at age 20 and Phi Beta Kappa, he later made Law Review and was in the first class to graduate from the then-new Boalt Hall.

  • Alumni Power Players Hold Court (06/12/2016)

    Drawn by the enthusiasm and vision of the Berkeley Center for Law and Business, more business law titans are reconnecting with the school that launched their careers.

  • Triple Crown: Faculty Flex Their Antitrust Muscle (06/12/2016)

    Consider the recent national honors—in the field of antitrust alone—bestowed to professors Daniel Rubinfeld, Aaron Edlin, and Stephen Maurer.

  • Melissa Murray

    From the Interim Dean (06/11/2016)

    For this community, remarkable is the norm. As interim dean, I am looking forward to working with you to help this school become better than ever.

  • Rising To The Challenge (06/11/2016)

    The response to our recent transition has been extraordinary, but truth be told, alums helped us achieve great things throughout the past school year.

  • From Boot Camp To Boalt Hall (06/11/2016)

    While friends back home in Wichita worked typical teenage jobs and partied during the summer of 2009 before senior year, Corea ’17 braved the blistering heat of basic training in Oklahoma. 

  • Finding Echoes Of Home in Berkeley (06/11/2016)

    After considering several top-ranked schools, a visit to Berkeley won him over. “Immediately, I could see myself here,” he recalls. “I’m interested in tech law, and Berkeley is great for that. But really, it was about the people who welcomed me into the community.”

  • All In A Day’s Work (06/11/2016)

    Davis was the Coast Guard Academy’s first-ever Truman Scholar, the only African-American woman in her class, and the 2007 Arthur Ashe, Jr. Female Sports Scholar of the Year.

  • When The Answer Is Music, Music, Music (06/11/2016)

    But one year in, she also quietly enrolled in a degree program at the California Jazz Conservatory and began singing again. She earned her JD, but decided against taking the bar exam. 

  • The [Delicious] Horror of It All (06/11/2016)

    “You’ve got all these books. Why don’t you write something?” So he did— including the 3,000-page The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes, for which he won the mystery world’s equivalent of an Oscar, the Edgar Award for the Best Critical/Biographical Work in 2005.

  • Getting Into The Act (06/11/2016)

    Persistence has its rewards: Ku is making his mark on the small screen, including recent roles in “The Affair” and “Younger;” and on the big screen, where he can be seen in the films Sleeping with Other People and Creative Control.

  • Weighing in At a Watershed Moment (06/11/2016)

    There has been no drought in the recent activities and influence of the Wheeler Water Institute, a key initiative within Berkeley Law’s Center for Law, Energy & the Environment.

  • Proudly Back In Berkeley (06/11/2016)

    Unanimously recommended by Berkeley Law’s faculty appointments committee, Narechania will arrive in July.

  • All Rights Unreserved (06/11/2016)

    The Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic has harnessed its expertise to serve the public good.

  • Sharpening the Scholarly Edge (06/11/2016)

    Recent metrics indicate that Berkeley Law’s faculty enjoys elite status in legal scholarship

  • Getting Out The Youth Vote (06/11/2016)

  • Mythbuster Provides Timely Revelations (06/11/2016)

  • Big Progress On Big Data (06/11/2016)

  • New Alumni-Student Network Coming Soon (06/10/2016)

    Berkeley Law will have an online space to connect with the school’s talented and accomplished graduates.

  • Tour Guides on the Clerkship Path (06/10/2016)

    Career Development Office Director of Operations Eric Stern enlists alums to help him guide students through the clerkship process.

  • Students Drive Center’s New Leader (06/10/2016)

  • A New Way To Drum Up Real Estate Deals (06/10/2016)

  • Incubator Helps New Lawyers Fly Solo (06/10/2016)

  • BCLT Spurs Trans-Pacific Tech-Law Link (06/10/2016)

  • Celebrating 50 Years Of Ocean Law Guidance (06/10/2016)

  • Leading the Fight Against Lethal Injection (06/10/2016)

  • Clinic Helps Co-ops Set Up Shop (06/10/2016)

  • Another Jewel In Kay’s Crown (06/10/2016)

  • For Judicial Externs, the Only Debt Is Gratitude (06/10/2016)

    Last summer, the school launched the Judicial Externship Program, which enables students to assist judges without adding debt or finding free housing.

  • Taking Off the Training Wheels (06/09/2016)

    Berkeley Law supplements foundational courses with something few other schools match—the chance to work with clients right away.

  • Betsy Candler

    Mediation Pilot Set to Take Flight (06/09/2016)

    In the new mediation lab, Betsy Candler will provide insights from her own experience and enlist seasoned area mediators to facilitate simulations—with students playing character roles.

  • Two New Clinics Fuel Momentum (06/09/2016)

    Continuing to expand hands-on learning opportunities, Berkeley Law launched two in-house clinics this past year: the Environmental Law Clinic and the Policy Advocacy Clinic.