Fast Forward

  • From Boot Camp To Boalt Hall (06/11/2016)

    While friends back home in Wichita worked typical teenage jobs and partied during the summer of 2009 before senior year, Corea ’17 braved the blistering heat of basic training in Oklahoma. 

  • Finding Echoes Of Home in Berkeley (06/11/2016)

    After considering several top-ranked schools, a visit to Berkeley won him over. “Immediately, I could see myself here,” he recalls. “I’m interested in tech law, and Berkeley is great for that. But really, it was about the people who welcomed me into the community.”

  • All In A Day’s Work (06/11/2016)

    Davis was the Coast Guard Academy’s first-ever Truman Scholar, the only African-American woman in her class, and the 2007 Arthur Ashe, Jr. Female Sports Scholar of the Year.