BCLT Privacy Law Forum Resources

International Aspects of Privacy Protection and Enforcement

David Bender, “Having mishandled Safe Harbor, will the CJEU do better with Privacy Shield? A US perspective,” 6 Int’l Data Protection L. 117 (Oxford U. Press May 2016) 
Paul M. Schwartz, Global Data Privacy: The EU Way, 94 New York University Law Review 771 (2019)
Schrems II (CJEU 2020) 
Scraping and Other CFAA Updates

The Future of Privacy in California

Ballot initiative proposal, California Consumer Privacy Act (Nov. 2019)

Title and Summary of the Measure Prepared by the Calif. Attorney General (Dec 2019)

Final text of CCPA regulations (Aug. 14, 2020)

Proposition 24

Privacy by Design

Deirdre Mulligan and Ken Bamberger, Saving Governance-by-Design (May 7, 2018), 106 California Law Review 697 (2018)

Anna Oberschelp de Meneses, Kristof Van Quathem and Nicholas ShepherdFrench Supervisory Authority Publishes Guidance for Website and App Developers (Feb. 17, 2020)
Jadzia Pierce and Frank BroomellCalifornia Introduces Bill to Regulate Automated Decision Systems (Feb. 19, 2020) (bill would impose a privacy-by-design like impact assessment for automated decision systems)
Richmond Wong and Deirdre Mulligan, Bringing Design to the Privacy Table (2019)

Deirdre Mulligan and Ken Bamberger, Saving Governance by Design, Calif. L. Rev. (2018)

Consumer Expectations and the Behavior of Free and Paid Apps

Ken Bamberger et al., Can You Pay For Privacy? Consumer Expectations and the Behavior of Free and Paid Apps, Berk, Tech. L.J. (2020)

Criminal Defendants’ Access to Evidence under Privacy Laws

Facebook, Twitter hold evidence that could save people from prison. And they’re not giving it up, S.F. Chron (Jan. 21, 2020)

Rebecca Wexler Privacy Asymmetries: Access to Data in Criminal Investigations, 68 UCLA Law Review (forthcoming 2021)

Developments, Trends and Predictions: The Practitioners Panel

Lydia Parnes and Kelly Singleton, Director of FTC’s Consumer Protection Bureau Gives Guidance on Consumer Protection Risks Associated with AI and Algorithms (April 2020)

Final Judgment and Permanent Injunction, People v. Equifax (2019) 
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