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FirstSearchUCB only

Several databases are available through the OCLC FirstSearch system. The databases are: WorldCat (over 27 million monograph and serials titles), ArticleFirst and ContentsFirst (article and table of contents records from over 11,000 journals in all fields).

Law Libraries in California

A list of law libraries in California, provided by the Northern California Association of Law Libraries.

LawCat - Boalt Online Catalog

The online catalog for the Boalt Law Library.


Online catalog for the entire UC system. To include the Law Library's holdings in your search, you must select "Libraries Worldwide" before your search, and click on "Worldwide libraries own this item" to locate them in the results.

The best and easiest option for searching Law Library holdings is LawCat.

OskiCat - UCB Library Catalog

Online catalog for UC Berkeley - does not include law library records.


ShareLaw is a shared bibliographic database representing the holdings of member law libraries: Berkeley Law, George Washington University Law School, Marquette University Law School, Stetson Law, UC Davis School of Law, University of Miami School of Law, University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law, University of Notre Dame Law School, Washington College of Law at American University, Yale Law School

Socrates - Stanford's Online Catalog

UC Berkeley Libraries and Collections

UC Davis Law Library Online Catalog

UC Hastings Online Catalog

UCB Main Library

Information about the UCB campus library system and resources.