Transcript Spring 2019

  • The Governor’s Club: Newsom Taps Alumni for Key Posts (05/17/2019)

    Six Berkeley Law alumni have accepted posts in the administration of new California Governor Gavin Newsom.

  • Supreme Trio (05/16/2019)

    Individually exceptional and collectively historic, three Berkeley Law graduates will clerk at the U.S. Supreme Court during the 2019-20 Term—the school’s highest single-year total.

  • Getting to the BAIR Truth (05/16/2019)

    Berkeley Alumni-In-Residence is a new program at Berkeley Law that welcomes students into the lifelong alumni fold as soon as they enroll at the school.

  • Star Leader: Ken Alex Joins CLEE (05/16/2019)

    Ken Alex has been called California’s most influential environmental lawyer, a visionary, and former governor Jerry Brown’s climate whisperer. He is now joining Berkeley Law’s Center for Law, Energy & the Environment to spearhead Project Climate—a new initiative driven to transform top research into policy more quickly.

  • Students Take the Climate Wheel (05/16/2019)

    Legal education isn’t just about scholarship. At Berkeley Law, it’s also about action—especially on issues as urgent as global warming—with students driving vital climate work across campus.

  • Powering Partnerships (05/16/2019)

    In Oakland, Berkeley Law’s Center for Law, Energy & the Environment is a partner in EcoBlock, a public-private collaboration aimed at sustainable neighborhood redevelopment. “It’s taking an existing residential block and trying to retrofit it with cutting-edge energy and water efficiency mechanisms in a replicable and hopefully scalable way.”

  • Soaring to Rarefied Air (05/15/2019)

    Elizabeth Hall ’20 led airborne combat missions over Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, and later served as a legal officer at the Naval Academy. At Berkeley Law, Hall sees the growing presence of veteran students and programs enhancing the school’s collective learning environment.

  • Seeking New Recruits (05/15/2019)

    Ken Cohen ’69 had a clear objective when he approached Berkeley Law about creating scholarships for military and veteran students: “I wanted to do something to increase diversity of thought in the law school.”

  • International Approach (05/15/2019)

    Nathan Keller ’19 deployed to Kuwait and Iraq as a Marine Corps infantry squad leader. Allison Murray ’19 patrolled the Arabian Gulf as a Coast Guard executive officer. Those overseas leadership experiences helped them deftly steer the Berkeley Journal of International Law.