CAS Transcript Summary

All applicants, including international students, must register with the Credential Assembly Service (CAS), a service of the Law School Admission Council (LSAC).

General Information

LSAC operates a service that collects and analyzes data for admission to all American Bar Association-approved law schools. Information and registration for this service, known as the Credential Assembly Service (CAS), are available here. You must send transcripts to CAS from all of the schools you attended after high school, including community colleges and graduate programs. CAS will analyze your undergraduate transcripts (even if you earned your degree in another country), calculate your cumulative GPA, and send an academic summary and copies of your transcripts to us as part of their service.

While graduate transcripts are required and included with CAS reports, graduate school grades are not included in the GPA calculation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my CAS GPA be the same as the GPA calculated by my undergraduate school?
It is possible that your CAS GPA and your university GPA may differ. For example, if you took a class P/NP, but did not pass, then CAS will convert the NP to an “F” and recalculate your GPA accordingly.  Questions should be directed to the LSAC.

Do I need to send foreign transcripts to CAS?
The CAS service will interpret and summarize records or transcripts from foreign institutions and will send the summary to us when you apply.

Can I just send my transcripts to Berkeley Law?
No. LSAC, not Berkeley Law, must receive a copy of your transcript(s) directly from each college or university that you have attended even if the institution does not use a letter-grade system.

What role does my GPA play in admissions?
According to weights provided by the law school, CAS will combine your LSAT score and your undergraduate grade point average into a single value called the index number and will print the index number on your CAS report. The report will include your undergraduate academic summary, LSAT score(s), copies of your transcripts, writing sample(s), and letters of recommendation. Your academic record plays a substantial role in our review process.

I am in school now. Should I wait for my fall/winter grades to arrive before applying?
If you are currently completing your undergraduate degree, you should not wait for fall or winter term grades to be posted on your transcript before sending them to the LSAC. You can update your application by sending these grades to LSAC and emailing a copy to our office at after they are released.


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