Covering Major Criminal Cases: some basics for members of the press

January 19, 2024cartoon newspaper graphic
12:00 pm (PT)
75 minutes



Covering any criminal case, much less a major case, is a daunting challenge for any member of the press. This is especially true in high-profile cases.

Join Berkeley Judicial Institute as Reuters’ Dan Levine interviews Judge Jeremy Fogel (ret.)  and Judge Bernice Donald (ret.)

Judge Marcia Krieger will give brief introductory remarks.

The speakers will address:

  1. Key steps in major federal criminal cases
  2. Explanations of procedures and jargon used in federal criminal trials
  3. The rights and means available to the press in accessing information about a case
  4. Your questions 

This on-background program is a discussion of procedures common in all federal criminal trials. No comments will be offered on any specific cases or should be construed as addressing specific cases. This program is designed to provide in-depth knowledge to help the press cover federal criminal trials.

The session will be recorded, and the recording will be posted a few weeks after the program.