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Title Year Author
Does Familiarity Breed Contempt Among Judges Deciding Patent Cases? 2013 Jennifer Urban
Reconsidering Cybor: A Hybrid Standard of Appellate Review of Patent Claim Construction Rulings 2013 Peter S. Menell
Patents in the University: Priming the Pump and Crowding Out 2013 Suzanne Scotchmer
The Continuum of Excludability and the Limits of Patents 2013 Amy Kapczynski, Talha Syed
Promoting Patent Claim Clarity 2012 Peter S. Menell
Priority and Novelty under the AIA 2012 Robert P. Merges
RAND Patents and Exclusion Orders: Submission of 19 Economics and Law Professors to the International Trade Commission 2012 Jason Schultz
Operating Efficiently Post-Bilski by Ordering Patent Doctrine Decision-Making 2011 Robert P. Merges
The Challenges of Reforming Intellectual Property Protection for Computer Software 2011 Peter S. Menell
The Mixed Heritage of Federal Intellectual Property Law and Ramifications for Statutory Interpretation 2011 Peter S. Menell
Justifying Intellectual Property 2011 Robert P. Merges
Patent Claim Construction: A Modern Synthesis and Structured Framework 2011 Peter S. Menell
Forty Years of Wondering in the Wilderness and No Closer to the Promised Land: Bilski’s Superficial Textualism and the Missed Opportunity to Ground Patent Law Interpretation and Return Patent Law to its Technology Mooring 2010 Peter S. Menell
‘Clues’ for Determining Whether Business and Service Innovations are Unpatentable Abstract Ideas 2010  
Governance of Intellectual Resources and Disintegration of Intellectual Property in the Digital Age 2010 Peter S. Menell
Section 337 Patent Investigation Management Guide 2010 Peter S. Menell
Bankruptcy Treatment of Intellectual Property Assets: An Economic Analysis 2009 Peter S. Menell
Unwinding Sony 2009 Peter S. Menell
Nonpatentability of Business Methods: Legal and Economic Analysis 2009 Peter S. Menell
High Technology Entrepreneurs and the Patent System: Results of the 2008 Berkeley Patent Survey 2009 Robert P. Merges
The New Servitudes 2009 Molly S. Van Houweling
Patent Case Management Judicial Guide 2009 Peter S. Menell
The Trouble with Trolls: Innovation, Rent-Seeking and Patent Law Reform 2009 Robert P. Merges
Are Patents on Interfaces Impeding Interoperability? 2009 Pamela Samuelson
The Continuing Vitality of Music Performance Rights Organizations 2008 Robert P. Merges
An Estoppel Doctrine for Patented Standards 2008 Robert P. Merges
Profit Neutrality in Licensing: The Boundary Between Antitrust Law and Patent Law 2008 Suzanne Scotchmer
Why Copyright Law Excludes Systems and Processes from the Scope of its Protection 2007 Pamela Samuelson
Software and Patent Scope: A Report from the Middle Innings 2007 Robert P. Merges
The Proper Scope of the Copyright and Patent Power 2007 Robert P. Merges
Now and Then, Here and There: A Review Essay on Khan, the Democratization of Invention, and Blind, et al., Software Patents 2007 Robert P. Merges
The Property Rights Movement’s Embrace of Intellectual Property: True Love or Doomed Relationship? 2007 Peter S. Menell
A Method for Reforming the Patent System 2007 Peter S. Menell
Patents, Entry and Growth in the Software Industry 2006 Robert P. Merges
Still Looking for Lost Profits: The Case of Horizontal Competition 2006 Suzanne Scotchmer
Intellectual Property 2005  
The Story of Baker v. Selden: Sharpening the Distinction Between Authorship and Invention 2005 Pamela Samuelson
Indirect Copyright Liability: A Re-examination of Sony’s Staple Article of Commerce Doctrine 2005 Peter S. Menell
From Medieval Guilds to Open Source Software: Informal Norms, Appropriability Institutions, and Innovation 2005 Robert P. Merges
Incentives to Challenge and Defend Patents: Why Litigation Won’t Reliably Fix Patent Office Errors and Why Administrative Patent Review Might Help 2004 Robert P. Merges
The Uninvited Guest: Patents on Wall Street 2003 Robert P. Merges
As Many as Six Impossible Patents Before Breakfast: Property Rights for Business Concepts and Patent System Reform 1999 Robert P. Merges
The Independent-Invention Defense in Intellectual Property 1999 Suzanne Scotchmer
On the Optimality of the Patent Renewal System 1999 Suzanne Scotchmer
Patent Breadth, Patent Life, and the Pace of Technological Progress 1999 Suzanne Scotchmer
Protecting Early Innovators: Should Second-Generation Products be Patentable? 1998 Suzanne Scotchmer
The End of Friction? Property Rights and Contract in the ‘Newtonian’ World of On-Line Commerce 1997 Robert P. Merges