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Title Year Author
Rise of the API Copyright Dead?: An Updated Epitaph for Copyright Protection of Network and Functional Features of Computer Software  2017  Peter Menell
API Copyrightability Bleak House: Unraveling the Oracle v. Google Jurisdictional Mess  2016 Peter Menell
Brief of Amici Curiae National Alliance for Media Art and Culture, the Alliance for Community Media, and Kartemquin Films in Viacom v. YouTube 2013 Jennifer Urban
Solving the Orphan Works Problem for the United States 2013 Pamela Samuelson, Jennifer Urban
Brief of Digital Humanities and Law Scholars as Amici Curiae in Authors Guild v. Hathitrust 2013 Jason Schultz
Brief Amici Curiae of 133 Academic Authors in Support of HathiTrust Digital Library 2013 Pamela Samuelson
Brief of Software Innovators, Start-Ups, and Investors as Amici Curiae in Oracle v. Google 2013 Jennifer Urban
Oracle America, Inc. v. Google Inc., Brief of Amici Curiae Intellectual Property Professors in Support of Defendant-Cross Appellant and Affirmance 2013 Pamela Samuelson
What Constitutes a Diligent Search Under Present and Proposed Orphan Work Regimes? 2013 Jennifer Urban
A Fresh Look at Tests for Nonliteral Copyright Infringement 2013 Pamela Samuelson
Amicus Brief of Law Scholars in Fox v. Dish, No. 12-57048 (9th Cir) 2013 Jason Schultz
Brief of Amici Curiae Academic Authors in Support of Defendant-Appellant and Reversal 2012 Pamela Samuelson
Oracle v. Google: Are APIs Copyrightable? 2012 Pamela Samuelson
Can Online Piracy Be Stopped by Laws?  2012 Pamela Samuelson
How Fair Use Can Help Solve the Orphan Works Problem 2012 Jennifer Urban
Design for Symbiosis: Promoting More Harmonious Paths for Technological Innovators and Expressive Creators in the Internet Age 2012 Peter S. Menell
Does Copyright Protection Under the EU Software Directive Extend to Computer Program Behaviour, Languages and Interfaces? 2011 Pamela Samuelson
Infringement Conflation 2011 Peter S. Menell
The Challenges of Reforming Intellectual Property Protection for Computer Software 2011 Peter S. Menell
An Epitaph for Traditional Copyright Protection of Network Features of Computer Software 2011 Peter S. Menell
An Analysis of the Scope of Copyright Protection for Application Programs 2011 Peter S. Menell
Tailoring Legal Protection for Computer Software 2011 Peter S. Menell
Jumping the Grooveshark: A Case Study in DMCA Safe Harbor Abuse 2011 Peter S. Menell
Copyright Exhaustion and the Personal Use Dilemma 2011 Jason Schultz
The Uneasy Case for Software Copyrights Revisited 2011 Pamela Samuelson
The Mixed Heritage of Federal Intellectual Property Law and Ramifications for Statutory Interpretation 2011 Peter S. Menell
The Copyright Principles Project: Directions for Reform 2011 Pamela Samuelson
Legislative Alternatives to the Google Book Settlement 2011 Pamela Samuelson
Digital Exhaustion 2010 Jason Schultz
In Search of Copyright’s Lost Ark: Interpreting the Right to Distribute in the Internet Age 2010 Peter S. Menell
Demystifying Fair Use: the Gift of the Center for Social Media Statements of Best Practices 2010 Jennifer Urban
Updating Fair Use for Innovators and Creators in the Digital Age: Two Targeted Reforms 2010 Jennifer Urban
The Google Book Settlement as Copyright Reform 2010 Pamela Samuelson
Sound Recordings, Works for Hire, and the Termination-of-Transfers Time Bomb 2010 Peter S. Menell
Governance of Intellectual Resources and Disintegration of Intellectual Property in the Digital Age 2010 Peter S. Menell
The Past, Present and Future of Software Copyright Interoperability Rules in the European Union and United States 2010 Pamela Samuelson
Knowledge Accessibility and Preservation Policy for the Digital Age 2010 Peter S. Menell
Statutory Damages in Copyright Law: A Remedy in Need of Reform 2010 Pamela Samuelson
Pooh-Poohing Copyright Law’s ‘Inalienable’ Termination Rights 2009 Peter S. Menell
Why Plaintiffs Should Have to Prove Irreparable Harm in Copyright Preliminary Injunction Cases 2009 Pamela Samuelson
Legal Realism in Action: Indirect Copyright Liability’s Continuing Tort Framework and Sony’s De Facto Demise 2009 Peter S. Menell
Envisioning Copyright Law’s Digital Future 2009 Peter S. Menell
Unwinding Sony 2009 Peter S. Menell
Bankruptcy Treatment of Intellectual Property Assets: An Economic Analysis 2009 Peter S. Menell
Author Autonomy and Atomism in Copyright Law 2009 Molly S. Van Houweling
Indirect Copyright Liability and Technological Innovation 2009 Peter S. Menell
Legally Speaking: The Dead Souls of the Google Booksearch Settlement 2009 Pamela Samuelson
Judicial Resistance to Copyright Law’s Inalienable Right to Terminate Transfers 2009 Peter S. Menell
Unbundling Fair Uses 2009 Pamela Samuelson
What Effects Do Legal Rules Have on Service Innovation? 2009 Pamela Samuelson
Should Copyright Owners Have to Give Notice about Their Use of Technical Protection Measures? 2007  
A Reverse Notice and Takedown Regime to Enable Public Interest Uses of Technically Protected Copyrighted Works 2007 Pamela Samuelson
Preliminary Thoughts on Copyright Reform 2007 Pamela Samuelson
Why Copyright Law Excludes Systems and Processes from the Scope of its Protection 2007 Pamela Samuelson
The Proper Scope of the Copyright and Patent Power 2007 Robert P. Merges
Locke Remixed 2007 Robert P. Merges
Efficient Process or “Chilling Effects”? Takedown Notices Under Section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 2006 Jennifer Urban
The Generativity of Sony V. Universal: The Intellectual Legacy of Justice Stevens 2006 Pamela Samuelson
Questioning Copyright in Standards 2006 Pamela Samuelson
Digital Rights Management and the Pricing of Digital Products 2006 Suzanne Scotchmer
Should Economics Play a Role in Copyright Law and Policy? 2005 Pamela Samuelson
Challenges in Mapping the Public Domain 2005 Pamela Samuelson
Intellectual Property 2005  
The Story of Baker v. Selden: Sharpening the Distinction Between Authorship and Invention 2005 Pamela Samuelson
Indirect Copyright Liability: A Re-examination of Sony’s Staple Article of Commerce Doctrine 2005 Peter S. Menell
The Constitutional Law of Intellectual Property After Eldred v. Ashcroft 2003 Pamela Samuelson
Pre-existing Confusion in Copyright’s Work-for-Hire Doctrine 2002 Peter S. Menell
Economic and Constitutional Influences on Copyright Law in the United States 2000 Pamela Samuelson