October 2016 – The 9th Annual Privacy Lecture // Google Spain & the Right to be Forgotten: Bureaucracy, Civility, Democracy

Thursday, October 6, 2016
Bancroft Hotel
Berkeley, CA

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In this year’s annual privacy lecture, Yale Law School Dean (and former UC Berkeley law professor), Robert Post, examined the recent decision of Google Spain, which, for the first time, imposed EU fair information practices on Google search engines in the name of a “Right to Be Forgotten.” By studying the history of 19th century newspapers, Post explored the relationship between internet search engines and the creation of the contemporary public sphere. He also discussed whether privacy in the form of fair information practices ought to be imposed on the public sphere, or whether, in such circumstances, privacy ought to assume a different legal structure, one more associated with the traditional droit a l’oubli

Leslie Kendrick, UVA Law School
Eugene Volokh, UCLA Law School

Interview with Dean Post