November 2014 US-China IP Conference

November 7, 2014
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM (reception followed)
Loyola Law School – Robinson Courtroom
919 Albany Street
Los Angeles, CA

This all-day conference brought together senior policymakers, academics and international practitioners from China and the U.S. to discuss five important topics:

(1) Revisions to the Chinese Copyright Law;
(2) Role of specialized IP courts;
(3) IP issues related to the entertainment industry;
(4) Updates on patent and trade secrets legislation and protection; and
(5) Challenges and strategies in cross-border IP enforcement.

from left to right: Prof. Ping Zhang, Beijing University Law School; Prof. Robert Merges, Berkeley Law School; Prof. Seagull Song (Berkeley JSD 2008), Prof of Law, Loyola Law School LA; Haining Song, Senior Patent Attorney, Beijing China

This one-day conference is an annual event co-hosted by Loyola Law School, Los Angeles; Berkeley Center for Law & Technology; and China Renmin University IP Academy.

4 hours of MCLE is available. Loyola Law School, Los Angeles is a CA State Bar MCLE-approved provider.

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