The Berkeley Center for Law and Technology (BCLT) and the Berkeley Technology Law Journal (BTLJ) have held annual conferences on important law and technology issues for each of the past six years. The single most important reason to focus this year’s conference on the law and policy issues pertaining to digital rights management (DRM) technologies arises from Senator Hollings’ proposed “Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act,” S. 2048, which would, among other things, outlaw general purpose computers and most open source software by requiring that devices and software capable of playing digital content have standard DRM technologies built into them. It would also make the government an arbiter of the technologies to be mandated.

By hosting this conference, BCLT and BTLJ expect to attract a broad audience of high tech lawyers, information technology and content industry representatives, technologists, and some policymakers, about 250 people altogether. One goal is to educate this audience about usage of DRMs to protect digital content and the social impacts of DRMs. A second goal is to raise the level of discourse about DRM law and policy issues, generating more light than heat. This discourse needs to be cross-disciplinary and it needs to be cross-industry sector. Eight invited papers will be published in a symposium volume of BTLJ following the conference. These articles, as well as discourse among panelists, will contribute to the policy debate and to the literature on DRM law and policy issues.

Feb. 27

Bancroft Hotel

    Tutorial on DRM technology  (Audio  part1 part2) (Video  wmv  rm  mov)
    Drew Dean, SRI; Barb Fox, Microsoft Corp.; Brian LaMacchia, Microsoft Corp.

    Tutorial on legal and policy landscape regarding DRM  (Audio  mp3 ) (Video  wmv  rm  mov)
    Pam Samuelson, Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley

Feb. 28
Andersen Auditorium, Haas School of Business

    DRM as an enabler of business models (Audio  Full Panel ) (Video  wmv  rm  mov)
    (  Audio ) Carl Shapiro, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley (moderator)
    (  Audio ) David Reed, Cable Labs
    (  Audio ) Allan Adler, Association of American Publishers
    (  Audio ) Bob Blakley, IBM Corp.
    (  Audio ) Donald M. Whiteside, Intel Corp.
    (  Audio ) Cary Sherman, Recording Industry Association of America
    (  Audio ) Lon Sobel, Entertainment Law Reporter (paper on ISPs as digital retailers)
    (  Audio ) Sarah Deutsch, Verizon Communications

    Impacts of DRMs on innovation, competition, & security (Audio a Full Panel ) (Video a wmv  rm  mov)
    (  Audio ) Hal Varian, SIMS, UC Berkeley (moderator)
    (  Audio ) David Farber, Computer Science, University of Pennsylvania
    (  Audio ) John Manferdelli, Microsoft Corp.
    (  Audio ) Lucky Green,
    (  Audio ) Alex Alben, RealNetworks, Inc.

    12:30-1:30 Lunch

    Impacts of DRMs on flows of information (Audio a Full Panel ) (Video a wmv  rm  mov)
    (  Audio ) David Wagner, Computer Science, UC Berkeley (moderator)
    (  Audio ) Hal Abelson, MIT
    (  Audio ) Edward Felten, Computer Science, Princeton University
    (  Audio ) Joe Liu, Boston College Law School (paper on DMCA and research)
    (  Audio ) Larry Lessig, Stanford Law School (paper on Creative Commons)
    (  Audio ) John Erickson, Hewlett Packard
    ( v Audio ) Q & A

    Impacts of DRMs on consumers
    (  Audio ) Chris Murray, Consumers Union (moderator)
    (  Audio ) Julie Cohen, Georgetown Univ. Law School (paper on DRM & privacy)
    Joan Feigenbaum, Computer Science, Yale University
    (  Audio ) Raymond Ku, Seton Hall Law School (paper on private copying)
   Anita Ramasastry, Univ. of Washington Law School (paper on consumer
    protection issues)
    (  Audio ) Tomas Sander, Hewlett Packard

March 1

Bancroft Hotel

    David Nelson Memorial Keynote Address: A Voice from Congress on DRM (Audio a mp3 ) (Video a wmv  rm  mov)
    Rep. Zoe Lofgren, (D-California)

    DRM-related legal and policy initiatives in the U.S. (Audio a Full Panel ) (Video a wmv  rm  mov)
    Pamela Samuelson, Boalt Hall (moderator)
    Fritz Attaway, Motion Picture Association of America
    Jerry Berman, Center for Democracy and Technology
    Ed Black, Computer & Communications Industry Association
    Richard Epstein, U. of Chicago Law School
    Jon Healey, LA Times
    Emery Simon, Business Software Alliance
    Mozelle Thompson, Federal Trade Commission

    Anti-circumvention regulations in the US and elsewhere (Audio a Full Panel ) (Video a wmv  rm  mov)
    (  Audio ) Mark Lemley, Boalt Hall (moderator)
    (  Audio ) Graeme Dinwoodie, Chicago Kent LS (paper on European
    implementation of anti-circumvention rules)
    (  Audio ) Bernt Hugenholtz, Univ. of Amsterdam, Information Law Institute
    (  Audio ) Tony Reese, Univ. of Texas Law School (paper on influence of anti-
    circumvention rules on DRM choices)