Thursday January 15

Welcoming Remarks:

by François Lévêque (Ecole des Mines) and Howard Shelanski (University of California at Berkeley).

Keynote Speakers:

William E. Kovacic (General Counsel, FTC) and Emil Paulis (Director, DG Comp)
“Current Policy Challenges at the Intersection of Intellectual Property and Antitrust”.

Session 1 – EC and EU Policies

Chaired by Howard Shelanski

  • Lucas Peeperkorn (European Commission, DG Competition
    The EC Policy Reform of Transfer of Technology: Background issues �. ( Presentation ).
  • Gail Levine (FTC)
    Conclusions from the DoJ/FTC Hearings on Competition and IP Law and Policy in the Knowledge-Based Econom
  • Daniel Rubinfeld (University of California at Berkeley), David Evans (Nera) and Thomas Vinje (Clifford Chance)
    “Alleged Anticompetitive Use of IP by Microsoft”.

Session 2 – Comparing Essential Facility Doctrine in Intellectual Property

Chaired by François Lévêque.

  • John Temple Lang (Cleary Gottlieb)
    The Application of the Essential Facility Doctrine to Intellectual Property Rights under European Competition Law
  • Mark Lemley (University of California at Berkeley)
    Unilateral Refusals to License

Session 3 – Alleged Anticompetitive Use of IP by Microsoft: Views from both Sides of Atlantic

Chaired by François Lévêque

  • David Evans (Nera) 
  • Thomas Vinje (Clifford Chance)
    “Microsoft: The Antitrust Saga “.  
  • Discussant:
    Daniel Rubinfeld (University of California at Berkeley)

18.30 – 20.00: Cocktail reception
offered by Micro Economix

Friday, January 16

Morning (9.00 – 13.00)

Opening address:
Mario Monti (European Commission)
The New EC Policy on Transfer of Technology

Session II. Antitrust Treatment of Patent and Copyright

First panel: Nature and Licensing of IPRs

Chaired by Arthur Burke (Davis, Polk and Wardwell).

  • Richard Watt (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)
    How Different are Patents and Copyrights, and How Different Should They Be?
  • Suzanne Scotchmer and Stephen M. Maurer (University of California at Berkeley)
    Profit Neutrality in Licensing Intellectual Property  ( Presentation )

Second panel: Patents
Chaired by Raymon Ocampo (General Counsel Emeritus, Oracle)

  • Patrick Rey (Université de Toulouse)
    Essentiality in Patent Pools 
  • Daniel Rubinfeld (University of California at Berkeley)
    Strategic Use of Patents: Antitrust Implications ( Presentation ).

Third panel: Data Base and Copyright

Chaired by Olivier Fréget (Bird & Bird)

  • Bernt Hugenholtz (University of Amsterdam)
    Abuse of Data Base Right ( Presentation )
  • Randal C. Picker (University of Chicago)
    Antitrust Policy for Copyrighted Works

Afternoon (14.30 – 18.00)

Parallel Session III. Competition and IP nexus in Pharmaceutical & IV. Media sectors

Patents, innovation and generics

Chaired by: Frédéric Jenny (French Competition Commission, Vice-Chairman)

  • George S. Cary (Clearly Gottlieb)
    Patents and Generics Development. ( Presentation ).
  • François Lévêque and Yann Ménière (Cerna, Ecole des Mines)
    Economic Insights into Anticompetitive Effects of Patent Settlements
  •  Elisabeth Thouret-Lemaitre (Patents Manager, Sanofi � Synthélabo)
    A European View from Business

Concentration in the media sector

Chaired by: Pascal Nègre (Universal Music France, CEO)

  • Gilles Le Blanc and Olivier Bomsel (Ecole des Mines)
    Industrial and Competition Challenges in Digital Media Distribution
  • Neil Netanel (U. Texas)
    Copyright, Competition and the First Amendment
  • Herbert Ungerer (European Commission, DG Competition)
    Competition Policy in the Media Sector and Pluralism – A European View
  • François Brunet (Cleary Gottlieb)
    Exclusive Rights, Vertical Foreclosure and Pay-TV markets

Round-Table: Which reforms of IP are desirable from an antitrust perspective?

Moderator: Eric Izraelewicz (Chief Editor, Les Echos)
With the participation of: Frédéric Jenny, Pascal Nègre, Benoit Battistelli and Mark Lemley.