August 8

Friday Morning

Margo Bagley (Emory University Law School)
Patent First, Ask Questions Later: Morality and Biotechnology in Patent Law

Joe Miller (Lewis & Clark Law School)
Building a Better Bounty: Litigation-Stage Rewards for Defeating Patents
(final draft: August 1, 2003)

Robin Feldman (Hastings College of the Law)
Should We Breath Life into Patent Misuse?

Friday Afternoon

Michael Carroll (Villanova University Law School)
The Uneasy Case Revisited: A Sectoral Approach to Intellectual Property

Shubha Ghosh (University at Buffalo, SUNY Law School)
1. Rights of First Entry in “Derivative Markets”: Exploring Market Definition in Copyright
2. Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation (updated 8/4/03)

Jacqueline Lipton (Case Western Reserve Univ. School of Law)
Information Property: Rights and Responsibilities

Friday Evening
Conference Dinner in Berkeley (at the home of Professor Peter Menell)

August 9

Saturday Morning

Sonia Katyal (Fordham Law School)
Privacy vs. Piracy

Eric Goldman (Marquette University Law School)
Deregulating Relevancy: Rethinking Consumer Confusion and the Internet

Polk Wagner (University of Pennysylvania)
Cyber Property, or the Case Against Software