Spyware Info,1759,1618803,00.asp
PC Magazine Anti-spyware article
Latham & Watkins’ whitepaper on consumer-oriented spyware legislation

Lydia Parnes, Acting Director for the Bureau of Consumer Protection, speaks at a Federal Trade Commission conference on spyware software. 35 min. video, RealPlayer required
The Spyware Guide was created to provide an all inclusive and updated resource on spyware applications, what they do and how they’re used
Spyware Information Forums
Searchable list of the latest software that contains spyware as well as prevention utilities
The UK ‘s spyware watch site with discussion forum
Panelist Eric Goldman’s Spyware/Adware Resources page
Ben Edelman’s spyware research page


Microsoft’s Security at Home Spyware Resource Page
Center for Democracy and Technology Spyware Site
-CDT’s Official SpyWare Report
Unwanted Links is devoted to raising consumer awareness about consumer privacy and the problems of spyware and adware programs


FTC Spyware Workshop
Utah Legislation
U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA) (spyware legislation in the house)
Internet Spyware (I-SPY) Prevention Act of 2004 (Introduced in House)
National Conference of State legislatures on Spyware legislation in 6 states
SB 1436 ( Murray ) Chapter 843, Statutes of 2004 (signed on Sept 28, 2004)
-PRC’s letter against SB 1436


Listservs/Email Contacts

Computer Privacy Digest
mailto:comp-privacy-request@uwm.eduwrite in message body: subscribe cpd
Discussion on the effect of technology and privacy.

mailto:wiretap-request@sgi.comwrite in message body: subscribe wiretap <your email address>
Information Security Related Forum on Spyware.

Privacy Forum
mailto:privacy-request@vortex.comwrite in message body: subscribe privacy
Technological and non-technological privacy-related issues.

mailto:risks-request@csl.sri.comwrite in message body: subscribe
List that discusses the technological risks that happen in today’s society

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse mailing list
Contact: Beth Givens, Director:

California Public Interest Research Group
Contact: Steve Blackledge: 916.448.4516 x91

World Privacy Forum
Executive Director: Pam Dixon, a primary critic of SB 1436, and will likely have a mailing list as WPF is active on the conference circuit
WPF Office:

Internet Alliance
Executive Director is Emily Hackett:
California representative is Kaye Caldwell.