Donor Advised Funds

Make Gifts from Donor Advised Funds

UC Berkeley welcomes gifts from Donor Advised Funds (DAFs). Please visit your DAF’s website to submit your gift recommendation. If you see a selection of UC Berkeley options listed on your DAF’s site:

– It is preferred that you choose the “UC Berkeley Foundation” option
– If you see your specific UC Berkeley School of Law or Berkeley Law, that option is also welcome. (Please note that the Berkeley Law Foundation is a separate, private entity not related to the law school.)

Here is some additional key information you’ll need to provide:

1. The amount of your gift
2. Please indicate the Berkeley Law Fund or other law fund or program you wish to support (please be as specific as possible)
3. Checks must be made payable to the UC Berkeley Foundation and mailed to:
UC Berkeley Foundation
UC Berkeley Donor and Gift Services
1995 University Avenue, Suite 400
Berkeley, CA 94704-1070

The tax identification number for the UC Berkeley Foundation is 94-6090626.

For Vanguard grants, specifically, please choose University of California Berkeley Foundation as the non-profit you are supporting. For the second box, “Purpose of Grant,” please choose “Department” and click on the “+ add additional information.” In that box, please indicate Berkeley Law and the fund name or area you wish to support.

For Fidelity grants, please type in “UC Berkeley Foundation Berkeley Law” into the Find a Charity search field. Confirm the entry “University of California Berkeley Foundation – Berkeley Law,” and then in the “Use” box, please choose “where it’s needed most” if you wish to support the Berkeley Law Fund. Otherwise, please choose “create your own” and type in the name of the fund you’d like to support. In this way, your gift will go directly to the area of the law school you wish to support.

If you have any questions, you or your advisor can contact UC Berkeley Gift Services at 510.643.9789 or