Check Your Application Status

You may follow the instructions below to check the status of your application status online. To do so, you must first receive a login and password which will be emailed to you shortly after we receive your application.

If you have received an email containing your login and password

Follow the link below. You will be prompted to enter your login and password. You also will be asked to create a new, personalized password. You should retain this in a secure location for your records and for subsequent use.

Checking your application status online will allow you to see and verify your contact information, determine our receipt of your recommendation letters, and when mailings are sent from the Admissions Office.  You should notify us if any of the information needs to be updated.

If you have not received an email containing your login and password

Please be patient. We send these in regular batches as new applications are received. You can expect to receive an email containing the information you need to check your application status online within approximately one to two weeks after submitting your application.

We recommend that you check and adjust your bulk mail folder accordingly as our emails sometimes get directed into bulk, spam, or junk mail folders. Contact us at if you believe that you should have received an email with your login and password based on when you submitted your application, or if your email address changed since the submission of your application.