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New Article about Harris v. McRae

Every January 22nd, pundits, politicians, and advocates heap praise and scorn upon one of the most (in)famous cases in U.S. Supreme Court history:  Roe v. Wade.  Sadly, nowhere near the same amount of attention or scrutiny applies to another important abortion rights case called Harris v. McRae, the 1980 U.S. Supreme Court case that upheld the constitutionality of the Hyde Amendment in an opinion that was more strongly contested and narrowly decided than Roe.  CRRJ Executive Director Jill E. Adams and RHTP Executive Director Jessica Arons take McRae to task for the various ways it betrayed Roe and its promise to protect the liberty, equality, and dignity of all pregnant women in “A Travesty of Justice:  Revisiting Harris v. McRae” in the latest edition of William & Mary Journal of Women and the Law.      

No time to read the full article?  Get the gist by reading the co-authors’ blog at Ms.

Jill Adams quoted in Mother Jones article, The Secret History of the GOP's New Abortion Ban: The treat - and theater - behind the 20-week abortion bill aimed at the heart of Roe v. Wade

"All of these different tactics, all of these different theoretical persuasions, they're all linked," says Adams. "The original 20-week bans, or efforts to pass those bans, were predicated not on the notion that a fetus was pain-capable but the desire to make abortions as difficult to procure—and ultimately impossible to procure—as possible." For the article, click here.

RJ Virtual Library 

CRRJ has opened the doors of the Reproductive Justice Virtual Library – an online, searchable catalog of annotated sources illuminating the foundations and growing edges of the reproductive justice framework.  Written in accessible language with links to authors and organizations, the library will serve advocates, academics, media, and the general public.  The collection, carefully curated by Dr. Elena Gutierrez with input from members of the RJ community, will include scholarship from law and the social sciences, as well as reports and other substantive advocacy materials from organizations. Enter here.


Spring 2015 Reproductive Justice Working Group

The Reproductive Justice Working Group is interdisciplinary meeting of students, researchers, faculty, staff of reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations, and community members interested in RJ.  The working group’s primary goal is to co-create an environment where participants can deepen their understanding of reproductive justice and develop practical ideas for integrating it into their research and practice. 

For more information, click here for the flyer.  Space is limited.  Please submit interest by Jan. 23rd.