Entering Class Profile

Each year the Admissions Office recruits and admits the country's most promising, diverse, and dynamic students to join the Berkeley Law student body.


Although Berkeley is one of the most selective law schools in the country, our admission philosophy reflects a commitment to admitting human beings and not simply numbers.  We hope that the snapshot below gives you some sense of the excellence and diversity that define us.  Our community is diverse in many respects, including race, religion, and sexual orientation.  We are proud that our entering classes are always astoundingly bright and include students from a wide range of backgrounds, interests, life experiences, and perspectives.

Profile for Class of 2016

Number of Applicants: 5,944
Class Size: 286
Median LSAT: 167 (169 = 75th percentile, 166 = 25th percentile)
Median GPA: 3.78  (3.89 = 75th percentile, 3.66 = 25th percentile)
• Mean age: 25
• 6% age 30+
• 54% women
• 41% people of color

118 undergraduate schools represented.  Most predominant are U.C. Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, and Princeton

47 undergraduate majors.  Most predominant are political science, history, English, economics, international relations, philosophy

13% have a graduate degree (32 M.A. 9 Ph.D.).  Ph.D.s in:  organic chemistry, history, biomedical sciences, astrophysical sciences & plasma physics, public international law, materials science

A number are recipients of distinguished fellowships and grants: Mellon, Marshall, Luce, NSF, and four Truman and three Fulbright scholars.

A Sample of Past Positions Held and Passions Pursued Before Law School

From the Financial World: Securities and financial analysts and economic consultants

From Journalism:  News reporters and editors from mainstream and campus papers, magazines, blogs, web sites, and journals  

From the Sports World:  NCAA varsity athletes in soccer, crew, basketball, skiing, fencing, track & field, rugby, tennis, football, squash, lacrosse, volleyball, and water polo.  A professional baseball player from the Tampa Bay Rays

From the Art World:  Aspiring thespians, artists, photographers, musicians, dancers and choreographers, including an accomplished Hindustani classical vocalist, a hip hop dancer, a Latin pop singer, a bagpiper in a pipe and drum band, and a performing clown mime in Argentina